Going for the Hat Trick: Balancing Sponsorships, National Campaigns, & Local Social Advertising for the Win

Local social advertising offers a threefold win for beverage brands, allowing them to bolster trade partner loyalty, target growth with precision, and save on advertising costs. Now, you’re probably wondering how to justify the investment in local social advertising when you’ve already spent your allocated event budget on sponsorships and national campaigns. At a high level, you can validate the investment in three ways.

Reallocate Trade Funds to Local Social Advertising

If you already have a trade marketing budget in place, consider this: a local social advertising initiative doesn’t necessarily require tapping into the general marketing fund. Instead, it can be achieved by reallocating trade marketing funds to a solution that bridges the gap between national/regional campaigns and on-premise materials.

Local Social Advertising Drives Trade Partner Loyalty

This approach utilizes a hyper-local strategy, igniting local awareness and steering consumers to your partners’ doorsteps. As previously explored, this strategy bolsters relationships with trade partners, as you become a driving force behind the surge of traffic to their establishments. Furthermore, it empowers you to hone your growth initiatives with unparalleled precision. It offers the flexibility to trade more of your budget into untapped, burgeoning markets or breathe life into underperforming markets. Local social advertising is not just an effective trade strategy—it’s a potent tool to shape the landscape of your brand’s future success.

Local Social Advertising is More Cost Effective

Compared to traditional advertising channels, social advertising can be more cost-effective, particularly when targeting local markets. This can be especially helpful for brands operating in highly competitive markets, where advertising costs can be high. Moreover, Meta rewards local relevance, making local social advertising more effective and budget friendly than national-level ads.

The following charts showcase the average cost of advertising per month for Facebook advertising alongside Tiger Pistol’s performance. They reveal a staggering truth: local ads launched through the Tiger Pistol Collaborative Advertising Platform™ consistently cost significantly less.

Sources: Revealbot, Tiger Pistol Internal Data

Sources: Revealbot, Tiger Pistol Internal Data

By elevating trade marketing with local social advertising, brands can leverage their creative assets alongside their trade partners’ local influence to achieve greater results together. This approach not only secures trade partner loyalty but also positions your brand as the local fan favorite, leading to a surge in sales.

Ready to learn more? Our latest playbook, “Converting Cheers to Sales: A Social Advertising Playbook for Beverage Marketers to Boost On-Premise Sales,” reveals the global impact of sports for on-premise, how to make the most of your sponsorship dollars with local social advertising, and how to localize social advertising (even in highly regulated regions). Learn how local social advertising enables your brand to secure trade partner loyalty, become the local fan favorite, and unlock exponential sales.


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