Running the Stats: The Global Impact of Sports in the Beverage Industry

Sports enthusiasm is a global phenomenon. Understanding global trends can help global beverage companies tailor their local marketing strategies more effectively. Brands pour money into sports sponsorships and product placements. Yet, a smart move is to link these strategies to local bar and restaurant watch parties. These popular events boost visits and earnings for trade partners, strengthening these relationships and connecting the brand directly to the consumer. Consider this additional data from CGA by NIQ

North America

In the United States, there is a high level of interest in watching sports with friends and fellow fans in local bars and restaurants. Specifically, 91% of individuals aged 21-34, 89% of those between 35-54, and 63% of those aged 55+ say they frequent on-premise establishments for sports and drinks. 

In Canada, 29% of consumers visited on-premise destinations to watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs. 90% of consumers said they were likely to take part in a local bar or restaurant promotion directly related to the Stanley Cup Playoffs. 82% of consumers said they were likely to have a drink affiliated with the NHL or one of its teams while watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs on-premise. 67% of consumers claim they would order more drinks if they bet on the game. 

In Mexico, 87% of consumers flock to bars and restaurants for large sporting events and celebratory occasions. These statistics underscore the immense potential of sporting events to boost on-premise visits and product consumption.


In Australia, 18% of consumers visit local bars and restaurants to watch live sports on television. 60% of these consumers are more likely to place a bet when watching sporting events on-premise versus watching at home. Approximately 3 in 5 of these consumers are more likely to order more drinks when watching with friends if they wager on the game. 


In Ireland, 58% of sports fans visit on-premise to watch live sports on television, and a staggering 70% of these consumers do so monthly, demonstrating the recurring nature of these visits. Around 75% of Six Nations Rugby fans usually enjoy live games in bars and pubs. Fans are particularly active in these venues, with nearly half visiting weekly. They also spend 27% more every month compared to the average customer.

In France, of the 48% of consumers who plan to watch the Rugby World Cup, 29% plan to do so on-premise. Moreover, 59% of these consumers plan to visit their favorite establishment weekly.  

In Italy, of the 19% of consumers who plan to watch the Rugby World Cup, 27% plan to do so on-premise. Moreover, 87% of these consumers plan to visit these locations weekly. 

Additionally, a recent in-depth study by CGA and Sky Business on “The Value of Live Sport in Britain’s Pubs and Bars,” reveals the following key takeaways: 

  • Sports bring people together. Social connections are the second biggest reason people watch games outside of home. 75% of fans visit pubs in larger groups than usual. The number is even higher among big spenders at 89%.
  • Fans spend more. Their average monthly spend on eating and drinking out is 36% higher than those who don’t visit pubs and bars to watch sporting events. People who visit pubs and bars to watch sports are ready to spend. More than four in five (83%) say they typically spend more on food and drink on these occasions than on visits without a live game. 
  • A sporting reputation builds loyalty. If live sports viewers have a good experience in a pub or bar, they’ll return. Nine in ten (89%) are more likely to revisit a venue if they know matches are available to watch, and two-thirds (72%) would visit less often if those places stopped showing sports.
  • Sporting occasions lengthen visits. Live sport keeps people in venues longer. Nearly nine in ten (87%) sports viewers say they would stay longer than usual if a venue screens live games—rising to 94% among those who spend more than £40 per visit. And they are not just in and out for the game: they arrive 43 minutes before it starts and stay more than 45 minutes afterward. For football matches, this adds up to at least three hours in a venue, and often longer. 
  • Live games create a unique atmosphere. 41% of fans say the lively atmosphere is why they watch in pubs and bars instead of elsewhere.
  • There’s room for growth in women’s sports. 48% of pubs and bars screening sports plan to show more women’s games over the next few months.
  • New dayparts. Sports can attract people to pubs and bars at times they wouldn’t normally visit. Significant numbers say they are more likely to visit at times (32%) or on days (38%) when they would otherwise be elsewhere. This suggests live sports deliver incremental spending rather than taking it away from other dayparts.
  • Trade partners recognize the value of live sports. 68% of trade partners say revenue increases as a direct result of screening live sporst. 49% say live games increase customer satisfaction. 56% of trade partners are actively seeking ways to attract more women and families to watch live sports. 91% of trade partners say people who watch live sports also visit for non-sporting occasions. 82% of trade partners think they would lose customers if they stopped showing live sports. 

Local social advertising can connect beverage brands to the energetic world of sports fans, building product affinity, profits, and community engagement. Yet, fans experience a beverage brand through national advertisements or on-site promotional materials. Local social advertising can bridge the gap between the two, uniting beverage brands’ products with establishments showing the game. 

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