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Tiger Pistol publishes social media advertising campaigns at scale across the platforms people around the world use most. Our API connections ensure a seamless publishing experience.


Launch localized ads with pinpoint address targeting from the local Facebook Business pages of your franchisees, agents, channel partners, or local business partners. Tiger Pistol supports publishing on the Meta family of applications including Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Stories, and  Instagram Reels.

Tiger Pistol’s solution aligns with Meta’s Performance 5 Framework for Growth. Meta’s Performance 5 calls out five high-impact best practices for advertising across its properties.

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Meta Business Partner

Tiger Pistol has been a badged Meta Business Partner since 2013. Meta describes its business partners as companies Meta has vetted for their technical skills and services, and their unique ability to help businesses grow. Partners are part of a respected global community and get access to unique benefits like training, support, analytics reports, and client matching opportunities.

Meta Professional Certified Team

Meta professional certification recognizes advanced level proficiency with Meta’s family of apps and services.


of Tiger Pistol’s Client Management and Operations Team hold at least one Meta Professional Certification. 

Meta Certified Media Planning Professionals have completed advanced training in analyzing advertiser needs, understanding  insights, measuring performance, and making media recommendations. 

Meta Certified Marketing Science Professionals have completed advanced training in defining business goals, setting KPIs for meeting them, running test campaigns, and building on consumer insights to develop marketing recommendations. 

Meta Certified Media Buying Professionals have completed advanced training in understanding media plans and building, managing, measuring, and optimizing campaigns.

Meta Certified Creative Strategy Professionals have completed advanced training in understanding mobile fundamentals and can apply insights, develop briefs, and evaluate the effectiveness of creative.


Leverage the potential of local advertising on TikTok to connect with your communities. With TikTok’s vertical video format, brands can meaningfully engage with local audiences and achieve remarkable levels of interaction. This format eliminates distractions, ensuring a visually captivating experience for viewers, maximizing the impact of your ads.


We’ve seamlessly adapted our proven approach from years of executing local social campaigns to TikTok, prioritizing scale, relevance, and top-notch performance.

Amazon Ads

Tiger Pistol partners with Amazon Ads to efficiently deploy Sponsored Display Ads for local businesses at scale across Amazon.com, Twitch, IMDb.com, and numerous third-party sites, even for products and services not sold on Amazon. Small businesses benefit from targeting high-intent customers in specific locations using advanced audience insights derived from shopping and streaming behaviors. With no minimum budgets and access to Amazon’s first-party data, targeting the right local audience is easy and effective.

“Wendy’s values Tiger Pistol as an essential partner in our mission to empower our local markets with top-tier advertising solutions. Having already achieved remarkable success together in running Facebook and Instagram ads across our extensive network of over 6,000 restaurants, we aim to continue our industry leadership by facilitating the creation of high-quality, brand approved TikTok ads for our franchisees. Tiger Pistol has been instrumental in developing the necessary technology to bring this vision to life. Together, we are setting significant milestones and continue to lead the industry forward.”
Kristin Tormey Global Director, Social Media & Digital Engagement

Kristin Tormey

Global Director, Social Media & Digital Engagement 

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Tiger Pistol is a collaborative advertising platform that enables our clients to deploy optimized and scalable campaigns within minutes. By simplifying high-performance collaborative advertising for our clients and their partners, we help you achieve your most ambitious goals in customer acquisition and sales growth.