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How to Scale Your Local Social Media Advertising with the Meta Performance 5

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Meta recently revealed some incredible enhancements to their Performance 5 best practices. These updates are specifically designed to help advertisers make the most of Meta’s advanced AI, Reels, and new ad formats. The Performance 5 Framework for Growth comprises five game-changing best practices that supercharge advertisers’ performance when leveraging Meta’s ad products.

How to Scale Your Local Social Advertising with Meta’s Performance 5 aims to inform marketers of the major updates to Meta’s Performance 5 Framework, educate them on the implications of the updates for their advertising, and empower them to determine how to implement the updates accordingly. 

Learn How to Effectively Implement the Meta Performance 5 Framework for Growth at Scale Across Your Social Media Advertising Strategy

Understand Meta’s latest updates to the Performance 5 Framework

Determine how these updates impact your advertising strategies

Formulate actionable steps to leverage Meta’s advanced AI, Reels, and new ad formats

Learn how Tiger Pistol’s solution perfectly aligns with Meta’s best practices.

Extract the full potential from Meta’s Performance 5 framework.  Get the playbook by filling out the form at the top of the page. 

Their focus on simplifying and automating the advertising collaboration between our company, agencies, and restaurants is incredibly important to the success of our program, and their innovations, thought leadership, and deep relationship with Meta are simply unmatched.”

Lauren Morton
Sr. Specialist, Social media

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