Manage Your Brand Without Micro-Managing Your Agencies

Tiger Pistol partnered with Wendy’s, a global quick service restaurant, for a national-to-local strategy to drive visitation and sell more by unlocking the power of social advertising at scale.

Tiger Pistol’s Collaborative Advertising Platform enables Wendy’s social team to create brand-approved templated campaigns that can be easily deployed through Wendy’s local agency teams. In addition, local teams are more easily able to collaborate with Wendy’s national team through Tiger Pistol’s Workflow Approval Engine, enabling agencies to submit local imagery and messaging for rapid brand approval, while maintaining brand compliance. 

To superpower Wendy’s local social ads, Tiger Pistol integrates its platform with Wendy’s Yext local listing profiles. This integration creates a single source of truth for local store data that can be automatically applied as ad overlays highlighting unique restaurant attributes. The platform transformed Wendy’s local strategy with the flexibility to advertise by region, DMA, restaurant level, or through combined ad targeting.


Wendy's + Local Restaurants
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