Social Advertising Reports

Access our quarterly social advertising benchmark reports and see how you compare.

These comprehensive social advertising benchmark reports offer industry-specific data, proven strategies to reduce advertising expenses and meet market demands, as well as valuable local social advertising insights to help you establish yourself as an industry leader. Our social advertising benchmark reports go beyond mere numbers; they serve as a roadmap to attain exceptional client satisfaction, retention, and scalability across Meta’s platforms.


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Discover how our approach to local social advertising dramatically decreases advertising costs. Check out our QSR benchmark report and see how you compare.

Supercharge your social advertising sales strategy with incredible insights in Tiger Pistol’s Q2 Small Business Benchmark Report for Marketing Resellers.

Uncover how you can turn every ad dollar into an investment in your franchisees’ success. Download the benchmark report now and see how you compare.

Dramatically cut advertising costs and turn each dollar into an investment for your clients with Tiger Pistol. Our latest Benchmark Report is more than data; it’s your agency’s blueprint for the future.

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