Tiger Pistol simplifies the process of creating a profitable local social advertising solution for agencies and their clients.

Grow Client Engagements through Local Social Media Advertising

Boost Capacity

Expand your service offerings and client base without adding headcount.

Increase Revenue Streams

Scale social advertising campaigns, increase budgets, and access untapped budgets.

Amplify Client Loyalty

Enhance client retention and satisfaction.

Foster Local Advocacy

Help brands cultivate local advocacy and loyalty with their partners.

Provide Nuanced Expertise

Offer consulting and strategy services with location-level and consolidated reporting and analytics.

Image of Tiger Pistol's Ultimate Local Social Advertising Playbook for Agencies
The Ultimate Local Social Advertising Playbook for Agencies

Unlock new revenue streams for your agency. Learn how with our definitive playbook.

How We Help

Tiger Pistol’s platform increases team efficiency with social advertising automation that enables agencies to launch thousands of Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok campaigns in only a few clicks.

Image shows easy mobile connection to social platforms.


Effortlessly connect your client’s local partner Facebook Business Pages and TikTok accounts to the platform.

Image shows social advertising campaign template builder.


Create brand-approved templates to launch campaigns quickly. These campaigns are stored in a library for easy access.

Image shows publishing to individual facebook pages or tiktok accounts


Publish thousands of dynamically localized ads from the individual local partner’s Facebook Page or TikTok account.

Image of Tiger Pistol's Local Social Media Advertising Platform Reporting Dashboard


Centralize, analyze, and surface campaign data across your client’s local partners’ social campaigns in a single, interactive dashboard.

Key Capabilities

Image of charts and graphs of location data from Tiger Pistol's Local Social Advertising Reporting Dashboard

Accelerate Publishing

Build one campaign template to launch thousands of dynamically localized social media ads.

Image of Tiger Pistol's Local Social Media Platform Centralized Workflow for Multi-location owners.

Automate Workflows

Streamline the social media advertising creation process, enabling agencies to scale their operations without increasing staff.

Image of Tiger Pistol's local social meda advertising platform approvals workflow.

Streamline Approvals

Eliminate the complexities associated with coordinating individual locations and securing brand approvals.


Image of world currency symbols

Global Support

Tiger Pistol empowers worldwide social advertising by offering multilingual and currency support for individual markets.

Image show AB testing capabilities of Tiger Pistol Platform

Test & Optimize

Discover assets that resonate with users with automated A/B testing, then apply learnings to future social ad campaigns.

Image of charts and graphs of location data from Tiger Pistol's Local Social Advertising Reporting Dashboard

Consolidate Reporting

Provide clients with actionable insights, strategic recommendations, and data-driven decision-making support.


Success Story

Local social ad on mobile phone.
Spotxer Logo

Spotzer, a global digital marketing provider, integrates Tiger Pistol with its search campaign platform via API. The integration enables users to effortlessly convert search campaigns into social advertisements. Additionally, the integration enhances Spotzer’s sales tool, allowing customers to conveniently compare their reach on search and social platforms, then effortlessly purchase campaigns.


To maintain a cohesive experience across all of its marketing tactics, Spotzer relies on Tiger Pistol’s API for campaign publishing.

“We enjoy our partnership with Tiger Pistol. They help us deliver value to our partner and customer base. Our collaboration has helped increase our capabilities and ensure we are able to offer a full suite of digital products that are white-labeled, data privacy compliant, and meet customer needs.”

Bertram Croes

Senior Product Manager

Spotzer Logo

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Tiger Pistol is a collaborative advertising platform that enables our clients to deploy optimized and scalable campaigns within minutes. By simplifying high-performance collaborative advertising for our clients and their partners, we help you achieve your most ambitious goals in customer acquisition and sales growth.