Amazon Ads

Sponsored Display Ads at Scale for Local Businesses

How it Works

Reach high-intent customers in relevant locations

Gain access to a relevant audience for your business using Amazon’s proprietary shopping and entertainment signals.

Launch local sponsored display ads across, Twitch,, and thousands of third-party publisher websites/apps beyond the Amazon store.

Tailor reach to specific locations including: postal codes, city, designated market area (DMA), state.

With no minimum budget requirements, Sponsored Display unlocks the power of Amazon Ads for small businesses.*

*Ads from specific industry verticals, such as financial services, alcohol, gambling, real estate, and employment sites are not supported

Amazon Sponsored Display Ad Placements

Amazon Store Desktop

IMDB Desktop

Twitch Desktop

Third-Party Website Desktop

Amazon Store Mobile
IMDB Mobile
Twitch Mobile
Third Party Website Mobile

Why it Matters

Amazon Audiences

Catalog of pre-built audiences you’d use to describe your brand’s core customers: 

  • In-market
  • Lifestyle
  • Interests
  • Life events

Reach audiences who have viewed or are actively browsing relevant products on Amazon that match your criteria.


Reach audiences who have purchased products on Amazon matching your criteria.

Want to see how Amazon Ads can benefit your advertising strategy?


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