Pull to Push: How Your Yext Listing Data Can Create Powerful Social Advertising

As local communities begin to return to business as usual, personalization has evolved from novelty to expectation. Consumers are actively seeking out businesses that can replicate the ease of digital in the physical world. For years search technology and strategies have helped keep brands relevant across their partner locations, but search is only half the local advertising equation. Search is an excellent solution for hand-raisers, those who have expressed an interest. Yet, if you are just servicing the people actively in-market, you are missing the shoppers that decide and purchase without ever engaging in a search. Simply put, effectively customized push-based marketing, such as social advertising, can create a compelling local experience that leads to a conversion similar to a search.  

While search and local listings pull in those actively looking for your products or services, social advertising provides the targeted push that helps expand your market and directs potential customers with the locations in their area. Through adding locally relevant vernacular, such as “Right off 285”, the potential client sees the brand as a part of the community. Historically, this level of granularity has been deemed too complex or time consuming despite its effectiveness. 

This is no longer the case for Yext & Tiger Pistol customers. 

Through a direct integration between Yext and Tiger Pistol, clients are able to leverage every detail listed for each location in social advertising campaign targeting, reporting, and results, all with an unmatched level of efficiency and performance.

Simply connect a Yext account to Tiger Pistol’s Collaborative Advertising Platform™, and you’ll open up an advanced level of social advertising capabilities with local activation at scale. All of your partner locations plus their Facebook Business Pages auto-populate in the Tiger Pistol platform, ready to publish localized Facebook, Instagram, Marketplace, and Messenger campaigns. Updates occur in real-time as changes are made in the Yext profile. Local nuances, like store hours, as well as highlight features like drive-thrus, curbside pickup, patios, playgrounds, and service availability can be grouped, targeted, or called out in copy, creative, or reporting. With Tiger Pistol + Yext, marketers are using their most accurate local assets and information to create hyper-local social ads in seconds. These campaigns elevate the brand’s local relevancy, increasing the return on ad spend with dollars used to reach new customers at the right time, driving them to take action close to home. 

Location-Level Nuances

Today’s marketers will only meet the call for greater personalization by leveraging tools together to exponentially drive results. Or said differently, they understand that in marketing, 1+1=3. 

Contact Tiger Pistol today to unlock the power of your Yext partnership. 


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