Why Localized Creative in Social Advertising is Essential to Driving Local Action

You’ve heard the adage about good marketing: It targets the right audience with the right message at the right time.

A lofty goal? Maybe. But doable? Definitely — especially if you use localized creative in your social advertising to hack the game. Localized creative is the perfect tool to drive local action, because it allows you to check all the “good marketing” boxes in a single go.

Right Audience

“Shop Local” is more than just a trendy saying of modern consumers — It’s their psychology. Human psychology, really.

We could get real nerdy and talk about the mere exposure effect — the psychological phenomenon that explains why we like things that are in close proximity to us. But in lieu of that, just remember this: Buyers are programmed to prefer local. And that means marketers need to be re-programmed to make that easy. Localized creative allows you to grab the attention of your target audience by speaking to them as directly as possible (considering Facebook prevents the use of names, this is about as direct as you can get).

Right Time

Localized creative is innately granular, permitting a level of specificity that spray-and-pray never could. Consider the difficulty of crafting an ad campaign for an event with a national — or global — audience. Even in the case that locations do run the same event/offer simultaneously, you still have to account for seasonality.

Enter localization.

Catering creative to your end location means you can dynamically adapt content to seasonality or special events. 

Right Message

Localizing any of the three aforementioned items does, inevitably, change the message of your ad. But it’s not always enough. Some situations require extra “oomph,” i.e. an even more potent dose of personalization. When your ad message is entirely dependent on the location to which you’re advertising, localizing the message itself is a must-do.

And what’s a more powerful way to change a message than to change your media? Localized media packs a punch by allowing you to adapt your ad’s visuals to a specific locale.

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