The Power of Local Social Advertising

Local social ads launched from a local business partner’s Facebook Business Page hold a treasure trove of benefits. Whether your multi-location brand comprises franchises, corporate-owned locations, or a network of independent retailers, you need a strategy that drives sales to each specific store. Local social ads empower you to do just that.

Direct Action

Local social ads direct the audience to take immediate action toward a purchase, like “get directions” or “call now.” By leading them to a specific local partner’s business, you make it easier for potential customers to engage with your brand and ultimately make a purchase.

Authentic Connections

Local social ads enable you to foster a genuine connection with your audience. Your channel partners or franchisees are influencers in their communities. Advertising through them humanizes your brand and creates a relatable experience that resonates with consumers.

Targeted Reach

Local social ads provide the ability to target advertising efforts more precisely. By focusing campaigns around a location, you ensure your message reaches the most relevant audience, ready to act. Moreover, you can tailor your message to capitalize on the unique attributes of the location or its community.

Channel Partner and Franchisee Loyalty

When you invest in local social advertising, you demonstrate your commitment to your channel partners or franchisees. This strategy shows that you prioritize their success, which increases loyalty and boosts long-term business growth. In a fiercely competitive marketplace, brands strive to rise above the noise and gain an edge over their rivals. This ongoing struggle extends to influencing retailers’ decisions when choosing a single brand to present to their customers. By embracing local social advertising, your brand can establish a distinct presence and secure that coveted spot on the shelf.

Ad Cost Reduction

Local social ads don’t just provide value; they consistently cost less than nationally run ad campaigns. Adding locality to campaigns supercharges the quality and relevancy of your advertising, dramatically driving down advertising costs. By leveraging a local Facebook Business Page, you’ll enjoy a lower cost of advertising, higher engagement rates, a better return on investment, and increased customer satisfaction.

Local social ads are a game-changer for multi-location brands, franchises, and brands with independent retailer networks. By tapping into the power of local advertising, you can drive sales at each store, create stronger connections with your audience, and foster channel partner loyalty.


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