Bucking the Economic Trend: Winning with National-to-Local Advertising

When faced with the potential of global economic downturn, brands tend to tighten their purse strings where advertising budgets are concerned. Meta recently called this phenomenon out in their Q2 Earnings call: “Q2 saw a broad-based slowdown from many verticals in advertising demand, as advertisers decreased budgets due to economic uncertainty.” 

While this is often true for large brands whose strategy centers around global and national campaigns, we’ve seen the story shift for brands thinking locally. 

Tiger Pistol’s portfolio of clients ranges from resellers servicing a host of smaller local businesses, to major brands with a vested interest in scaling their advertising to where their products are sold. Combined, these clients launch more than 700,000 campaigns annually, all with a local-first strategy executed by leveraging the Tiger Pistol Collaborative Advertising Platform™.  This national-to-local social strategy supports building relationships, credibility, and intention with potential customers, while the platform allows for efficient and effective budgeting and allocation of media spend at scale. As a result, when looking at client ad spend for Q2, Tiger Pistol has seen a 36% increase overall, with many clients spending far more than that. 

The food and beverage vertical showcased the largest spend increase. For example, a major beverage brand increased their media spend for Q2 by 154%, finding efficiency and success in their focus on a local social strategy with a 7% decrease in CPM for Q2. While the majority of the brand’s campaigns fall under the Reach objective, it has found that running Reach campaigns with a local-first mentality drives traffic to key physical locations and increases in-person sales and awareness. The brand found that local campaigns enabled it to not only spend more efficiently, but also bolster their national campaigns with a local connection. 

Outside of food and beverage, Tiger Pistol witnessed media budget growths in numerous additional verticals, including Real Estate, Franchise, and Medical/OTC. Tiger Pistol’s largest real estate client increased spend by 71% for Q2 and saw a 11% lift in overall clicks and a 9% decrease in average cost per click, filling lead pipelines and growing their client’s customer base in a cost effective, local-first manner. An OTC Pharmaceutical client saw a 66% decrease in overall CPM and a 71% decrease in CPC when leveraging a national-to-local social strategy using the Tiger Pistol Platform vs. their  national program. This same client also saw a 10% increase in overall impressions with the campaigns run using Tiger Pistol. In addition, a national hair salon franchise localized recruitment ads through Tiger Pistol’s Platform. The company realized a 56% increase in CTR and a 66% lower cost per click when compared to the industry average for employment ads.

A national-to-local advertising strategy offers a better way to budget and delegate clients’ media spend for the most effective results. Despite the present economic uncertainty, Tiger Pistol clients’ ad spend has remained consistent and in some cases even increased. Why? Consumers expect personalized ads and want to connect with brands. Localization enables your brand to do that, and Tiger Pistol enables your brand to do that at scale. 

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