Three Trends We’re Seeing in National-to-Local Advertising in 2022

We can all learn from our partners. It’s really a key benefit of national-to-local advertising. The first half of 2022 saw a world trying to find footing after the uncertainty of the previous two years. During these six months, three clear trends surfaced as priorities for brands supporting their channel partners. 

1. The Need to Recruit New Employees

For an American hair salon chain, this was top priority. For them, a localized approach resulted in a 56% increase in click-through-rate and a 66% lower cost per click when compared to the industry average for employment ads. 

In fact, we’re seeing many of our franchises leverage Meta advertising for recruiting. This increased focus and spend on recruitment ads is undoubtedly to address major staffing shortages from the pandemic. This is especially true among franchises, who we see creating more compelling recruitment messaging and testing more campaign tactics that they will likely carry forward, such as recruitment creative that’s more focused on the work environment and culture. 

2. The Need to Drive In-Store Purchases

Want to know the secret to selling more in store? Make the store where the product is sold super easy to find. For Nestlè, this meant a 30% increase in sales for stores that ran local campaigns vs. those that did not.  

“Partnering with Facebook & Tiger Pistol has enabled us to accelerate the rollout of technologies that enable consumer engagement at scale; we are now able to support our key retail stores and help them to increase foot traffic even off-season,” said Asanda Ntshiqae, Business Category Lead, Nestlé East and South African Region. 

We have seen this across multiple partners, and we think it means what was put on hold due to Covid has now turned into an opportunity. In Nestlè’s case, coffee is a morning staple for commuters, but with the rise of work-from-home, sales of Nescafe at convenience stores experienced a dropoff. As folks began to return to work, Tiger Pistol ran ads to drive in-store purchases using location data to target consumers at or around stores during their morning routines and commutes.

3. The Need to Compensate for Supply Chain Issues

It’s no secret that all marketers have been plagued with supply chain issues. Yet, we’ve seen success with an American toy manufacturer using Meta ads that drive consumers where to buy with a focus on products that are available at each local store. The manufacturer’s sales for its advertised toy averaged 66% higher per store for those that participated in the Tiger Pistol program versus those that didn’t in the same 4-week timeframe. 

With localized social advertising and access to store inventory, Tiger Pistol ran campaigns that paired the brand’s toys with the nearest Wal-mart. The creative centered on the toy, a “now available” message, and a direct call to action to purchase. If the data flagged inventory as “low” for a particular Wal-Mart, that store’s campaign would automatically pause. During the month-long holiday campaign, it became necessary to pause campaigns for 48% of stores. Now you might think pausing campaigns would hurt sales, but the opposite occurred. Turns out consumers seized the opportunity to snatch up the toys they knew were in stock. 

Additionally, in the aforementioned Nestlè campaign, we worked with the brand to address store owners’ concerns about shelf space and inventory. Tiger Pistol created a detailed launch strategy, including stock support for stores and aligned campaign flights to ensure product would be on hand.

Addressing these three trends should be at the forefront of your advertising execution for the second half of 2022. Want to learn more about the benefits of National-to-Local Advertising, contact us today and we’ll connect you with one of our social advertising experts. 


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