How Beverage Brands can Score Big on Partner Loyalty with Local Social Advertising 

Offering social advertising, whether linked to sports events or just as a regular practice, fosters enduring loyalty among your trade partners. With supplier relationships currently earning just average ratings, there’s untapped potential to solidify long-term advocacy with venues. Local social advertising elevates your brand’s standing and broadens its audience. It also lets you piggyback on trade partners’ existing customer loyalty. This fresh approach pivots from traditional on-site marketing to social media – a space where consumers are most engaged, opening the door to deeper, more fruitful relationships with your trade partners.

Endorsement Effect

When your brand’s creative content airs on an establishment’s Facebook Business Page, it serves as a tacit nod of approval from a local favorite. This isn’t just extending your brand’s reach; it’s capitalizing on the establishment’s already-established goodwill to boost your brand’s allure.

Turning Trade Partners into Brand Ambassadors

Bartenders and waitstaff wield considerable sway over what customers choose to drink. CGA’s REACH data reveals that 44% of consumers settle on a beverage only after they’ve walked into a venue. A third (34%) are interested in recommendations from bartenders and waiters. Staff suggestions guide these undecided customers toward particular brands and steer them toward higher-end options. Since 65% of consumers favor quality drinks when dining out, recommendations from staff act as subtle but effective upselling techniques. By leveraging social advertising, you create a compelling reason for these venues to feature your brand prominently. Think of it this way: if your ads draw crowds to Joe’s Bar, Joe has a strong incentive to return the favor by telling his staff to promote your brand. It’s a mutually advantageous relationship that benefits both parties.

Measurable Impact

Traditional trade marketing often leaves brands in the dark about whether their promotional efforts are paying off. Social advertising eradicates this uncertainty. Brands can now track consumer engagement, clicks, and even sales. Unlike leaving a stack of coasters on a bar table and hoping for the best, digital metrics provide real-time feedback. This data-driven approach rewards both the brand and the trade partner, enabling targeted strategies to amplify sales and the ability to demonstrate to the trade partner what your marketing efforts are achieving. 

By skillfully balancing brand compliance with local influence, beverage companies can amplify their presence while resonating with local audiences. Listening to trade partners and monitoring consumer reactions can refine this delicate art. The ultimate win? Strong brand loyalty, robust trade relationships, and an edge in a competitive market.

Ready to learn more?  Our latest playbook, Converting Cheers to Sales: A Social Advertising Playbook for Beverage Marketers to Boost On-Premise Sales, reveals the global impact of sports for on-premise, how to make the most of your sponsorship dollars with local social advertising, and how to localize social advertising (even in highly regulated regions). Learn how local social advertising enables your brand to secure trade partner loyalty, become the local fan favorite, and unlock exponential sales.


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