How Local Social AdTech Drives Profitability for Marketing Agencies

Adopting local social AdTech isn’t merely a savvy decision – it’s the blueprint for the next generation of successful and efficient marketing agency ventures. By leveraging AdTech capabilities, agencies can achieve profitability, maintain competitive pricing, and deliver effective, on-brand, location-based social advertising campaigns.

Keeping Costs in Check Through Efficiency and Automation

AdTech conquers the challenges of juggling multiple location-level campaigns without burning out or bulking up the team. Scale often scares agency executives. Distributing the increased workload among current employees might lead to lower job satisfaction and retention. Yet, adding headcount eats into profits.

The truth is that creating location-level campaigns through Facebook’s native tools is a challenging, time-consuming, and often error-prone process. From gaining admin rights to hundreds or thousands of local partner Facebook Business Pages to ad execution, creating a single ad requires multiple steps. Selecting an objective, importing creative, targeting an audience, and funding the campaign become more and more with more pages. If we assume an average of 15 minutes to create one ad, the math becomes daunting.

Want to A/B test or run multiple campaigns? Double that. And… Adding clients can cause this workload to get out of control quickly and exponentially. 

However, AdTech platforms empower agencies to overcome this obstacle by leveraging automation that streamlines workflows and centralizes management. Agencies can accommodate more clients, partner pages, and campaigns effectively without compromising the quality of their services. As the demand for location-level advertising increases, agencies can confidently take on new partnerships and expand their client base and partner participation. AdTech streamlines the entire process, enabling agencies to scale their operations without straining existing resources or increasing headcount, ensuring profitability without resorting to outlandish pricing.

Elevating Service Delivery and Trust

AdTech plays a pivotal role in helping agencies establish enduring client partnerships through impeccable service delivery. By ensuring seamless brand consistency, facilitating effortless communication, and delivering error-free campaigns, agencies can reinforce trust and elevate the overall level of service and mutual success, strengthening their client relationships.

AdTech which offers templated social advertising campaigns enable agencies to create campaigns that share essential attributes. This consistency ensures that all campaigns align with the brand’s identity and messaging. Within a template, agencies can set standardized elements, including the campaign objective, audience targeting, headline and body copy, media assets, and call-to-action (CTA). Upon publishing, the chosen elements should automatically localize and publish from the local partners’ Facebook Business Pages. Templates offer a dual advantage. First, they allow brands to safeguard their identity with a unified and cohesive brand representation across localized campaigns. Second, templates empower agencies to streamline their campaign publishing process, enabling them to deploy campaigns faster, with greater effectiveness, and with a far less likelihood of errors.

AdTech platforms that offer automated approval workflows also streamline review processes. Brand clients can effortlessly review and approve local campaigns, minimizing communication delays and ensuring on-schedule campaign deployment. Some platforms also include compliance and regulation checks to ensure campaigns meet legal requirements and adhere to Meta advertising policies. This reduces the risk of errors that could lead to campaign disruptions.

With AdTech that employs templates, approvals, and error monitoring, agencies can confidently run campaigns that strike the perfect balance between brand consistency and localized relevance. This harmonious approach amplifies the brand’s identity and optimizes the impact of local social advertising efforts.

Demonstrating Success with Performance Measurement and Reporting

A local social AdTech platform should provide comprehensive reporting and analytics tools, offering valuable, centralized insights into campaign performance across locations. By closely monitoring key metrics and analyzing data, agencies can identify areas for improvement, optimize campaigns, and justify pricing based on data-driven results. Transparent reporting ensures client satisfaction while showcasing the program’s value. AdTech empowers agencies to enhance their standing as strategic advisors and offer value-added services and reports. Agencies equip their clients with priceless insights based on region, location, time frames, campaign objectives, creative performance, and run times. These insights are a goldmine, enabling clients to refine their strategies, allocate creative resources effectively, and target their audience more precisely.

BYCOD: Bring Your Client’s Own Data

Integrating your clients’ data sources for local social advertising campaigns may seem daunting, but the value of these integrations cannot be underestimated. By connecting clients’ data, you gain access to powerful insights that can inform and enhance their social campaigns. Ensure your AdTech provider has the capability to integrate with these existing systems, such as SSO, Local Listings Providers, Coupon Providers, CRMs, and other essential technologies in the client’s marketing arsenal. This seamless integration empowers you to unleash the full potential of their data, drive more effective and optimized social campaigns, and up-level your reporting and strategic service capabilities.

By uniting efficiency, brand consistency, performance metrics, and a deeper integration of client data, agencies now possess the toolkit to elevate their service delivery, enrich their client relationships, and amplify profitability. In an era where scale, precision, and adaptability define success, embracing AdTech is not just a strategic move—it’s the future of optimized and profitable agency operations.

We hope you’ve enjoyed part three of our series focusing on How to Build a Local Social Ads Offering That’s Profitable for Agencies and Their Clients. Download The Ultimate Local Social Advertising Playbook for Agencies to access the entire series in one place.


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