Unlocking Revenue Potential: Why Your Agency Should Offer Local Social Advertising

Staying ahead of the curve is crucial for agencies serving enterprise brands. While brand-level advertising is the traditional focus, there’s a compelling opportunity to tap into a new revenue stream: location-level Facebook and Instagram advertising. By embracing this approach, agencies can expand their service offerings, improve client retention and satisfaction, increase campaign scale and budgets, provide consulting and strategy services, offer data analysis and insights, deliver customized reporting and analytics, and ultimately expand their client base while becoming stickier for their clients.

Expanding Your Service Offerings

By incorporating local social advertising into their portfolios, agencies can expand their capabilities beyond brand-level campaigns – providing a more comprehensive solution to their clients by catering to their challenging local needs. Whether it’s capturing market share or building partner loyalty in specific locations, offering these additional services creates opportunities for upselling and expanding the current client engagements, while winning new clients.

Enhancing Client Retention and Satisfaction

Local social advertising empowers clients to achieve their objectives of targeting local audiences and driving foot traffic or sales to individual locations. By delivering successful campaigns and generating tangible results, agencies can enhance client satisfaction. Satisfied clients are more likely to forge long-term partnerships, leading to higher client retention rates and a solid foundation for future growth.

Scaling Campaigns, Increasing Budgets, and Accessing Untapped Budgets

Running campaigns across multiple locations significantly increases client scale and budget. Moreover, local social advertising enables agencies to access previously untapped channel marketing or field marketing budgets. As agencies expand the reach and impact of advertising efforts for each location, clients will have to allocate larger budgets to achieve their objectives. This translates into increased revenue generation.

Offering Consulting and Strategy Services

In addition to executing local social advertising campaigns, agencies can provide valuable consulting and strategy services. This includes advising clients on best practices, audience segmentation, content localization, performance measurement, and optimization strategies. By billing these services separately, agencies can create an additional revenue stream while positioning your agency as a trusted partner with expertise in location-based marketing.

Leveraging Data Analysis and Insights

Running location-level campaigns generates a wealth of data and insights that can be harnessed to offer data analysis and reporting services. By analyzing campaign performance at the location level, agencies can provide clients with actionable insights, strategic recommendations, and data-driven decision-making support. Offering these data analysis services not only adds value but can also become a valuable revenue stream for clients seeking an in-depth understanding of their local market performance.

Delivering Customized Reporting and Analytics

Delivering comprehensive reporting and analytics dashboards specifically tailored to local social advertising is a powerful offering. Clients often require detailed reporting on individual locations’ performance, enabling them to assess ROI, compare results across locations, and make informed decisions. By providing customized reporting solutions, agencies can differentiate themselves from the competition and offer a revenue-generating service that meets clients’ specific needs.

Expanding Your Client Base

By offering local social advertising services, agencies can position themselves as a specialized provider for enterprise brands with multiple locations. This unique positioning can attract new clients actively seeking agencies that understand the challenges and intricacies of location-based marketing. Expanding your client base with clients who value specialized services contributes to increased revenue and establishes your agency as a leader in the field.

It’s crucial for agencies to communicate the value proposition of local social advertising and highlight the potential benefits to their clients. By emphasizing revenue-generating opportunities, improved targeting, increased market share, and enhanced partner loyalty, agencies can successfully position themselves to capitalize on this new and exciting revenue stream. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed part two of our series focusing on How to Build a Local Social Ads Offering That’s Profitable for Agencies and Their Clients. Download The Ultimate Local Social Advertising Playbook for Agencies to read the series in full. 


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