Amplifying Success: Data-driven Sales Tactics for Marketing Service Resellers

To meet the growing demands of local businesses, marketing service resellers must provide comprehensive solutions that harness the full potential of online advertising. While paid search advertising is widely regarded as a vital driver of website traffic, an exclusive focus on intent-based advertising means your customers are letting a host of prospects slip through their fingers. Advertising on Facebook is the yang to search’s yin.

Better Together

Businesses often perceive search and social as distinct and separate marketing tactics, but when they join forces, magic happens. While search pulls in the hand-raisers already looking for your customers’ products or services, Facebook advertising provides the targeted push necessary to drive awareness in your customers’ markets. By integrating Facebook and Instagram ads into the mix, marketing service resellers supercharge paid search, resulting in substantial decreases in overall advertising costs while driving customer success and retention.

A compelling study conducted by LocaliQ, which evaluated 1,000 small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), sheds light on the transformative impact of combining search and social advertising efforts. The study spanned three months, initially focusing on search ads, followed by three months of search ads alongside Facebook and Instagram campaigns. The findings were nothing short of remarkable.

Lower Overall Costs of Advertising

First and foremost, the study revealed an impressive 18% lower cost-per-click across both search and social ads when run concurrently. Furthermore, the study demonstrated a staggering 57% decrease in CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions). This dramatic reduction in advertising costs emphasizes the value of incorporating Facebook and Instagram ads into the advertising mix. The study’s impact extended even further, revealing a significant decrease in the cost-per-lead when running Facebook and search campaigns concurrently. With a decrease of up to 29% in cost-per-lead, businesses can optimize their lead generation efforts while maximizing their return on investment. This dynamic combination enables marketing service resellers to not only reach a broader audience but convert leads more efficiently, leading to improved business outcomes for their customers.

Increased Traffic

The benefits extend beyond cost savings. Participating businesses experienced substantial increases in clicks per combined campaign spend, showcasing the immense potential of search + social advertising in various industries. Auto businesses witnessed a remarkable 27% surge in clicks, while healthcare businesses soared with a 45% increase. Home services saw a solid 17% boost, and professional services reaped the rewards of an astounding 89% surge. These eye-opening statistics reinforce the undeniable value-add of Facebook and Instagram ads in driving engagement and capturing the attention of prospects.

Most local businesses owners already understand the significance of social media:

●  96% of small businesses employ social media in their marketing strategy.

●  41% of local businesses depend on social media to drive revenue.

●  60% of local businesses see improved sales because of social media marketing.

By embracing Facebook and Instagram ads as part of their offerings, marketing service resellers can unlock upsell opportunities, achieve remarkable customer success and retention, and gain a reputation as true catalysts for their customers’ growth.

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