Capitalizing on the Surge: Marketing Service Resellers’ Must Meet SMB Demand for Social Media Advertising

Small businesses are stepping up their advertising game. With an eye on growth, a staggering 94% are set to increase their marketing budgets in 2024. This shift isn’t just about spending more; it’s about spending smarter and seeing a golden opportunity with social media advertising.

Social media is a part of our daily lives, and it’s become a crucial battlefield for small businesses looking to foster discovery, engage with customers, and drive growth. A notable 70% of small businesses are already channeling funds into social media marketing, recognizing its unmatched value in connecting with audiences near them. What’s more, for many, social media advertising is getting a bigger slice of the budget pie – up to 30%.

Maximizing Small Budgets

Social advertising enables SMBs to make the most of their small budgets. Social platforms enable businesses to start campaigns with minimal investment compared to traditional media, making it accessible to companies of all sizes. Furthermore, the advanced targeting options available on social media platforms allow small businesses to reach audiences most likely to convert. Audiences can be targeted through location, demographic, and other parameters, or retargeted based on Facebook Pixel data. Custom audiences and look-alike audiences can also be created to ensure the SMB’s message reaches the right people for its products or services. Plus, the tools for measuring success are readily available, user-friendly, and insightful, allowing businesses to track their impact without needing a degree in data science. Social media advertising presents significant benefits for small businesses by offering an affordable, precise, and easily measurable way to reach their target audience. 

Choosing the Right Platform

The preference for specific platforms is clear. Facebook leads the pack, favored by over 83% of small businesses, with Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok following. This hierarchy isn’t just about popularity; it’s about effectiveness and the unique audiences each platform attracts.

Embracing Multi-Channel Strategies

However, the surge in social media doesn’t mean other marketing channels are out of the race. The smart move for small businesses is a multi-channel approach, blending social media with direct mail, search, and more. This diversified strategy ensures they’re not putting all their eggs in one basket and reaching customers across multiple touchpoints.

Marketing Reseller Opportunities

For marketing service resellers, this is a call to action. Social media advertising isn’t an option; it’s a necessity. As small businesses look to expand their reach and deepen their impact, having a robust social media program in your arsenal of services isn’t just smart—it’s essential. Moreover, marketing service resellers have a golden opportunity to make the most of this growing trend by crafting customized digital service packages. By weaving digital services together, they not only boost outcomes for their clients but also highlight their deep understanding and dedication to helping their clients succeed. Research indicates that integrating search with social can significantly amplify success. By offering these services in a package, resellers give small businesses a comprehensive strategy for online presence and attracting customers. This approach presents a stronger value offering and enhances the potential for upselling, ensuring the ongoing loyalty of their clients.

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