Unleashing Small Business Growth: How SMB Marketing Resellers Can Maximize Upsell Opportunities and Client Retention

A recent article from Street Fight Magazine revealed a compelling trend: 53% of small business owners have ambitious plans to revamp their websites in 2023. With an average investment exceeding $2,400 per business, these small businesses are making a considerable financial commitment to enhance their online presence. What’s more, a staggering 36% of these small business owners intend to leverage their new websites for lead generation, yet most will rely just on organic search (SEO) to gain site visitors.


Package Potential

Marketing service resellers can capitalize on this trend by offering tailored packages that encompass website refreshes, SEO, search advertising, and social advertising. The seamless integration of these services not only drives better results but showcases the reseller’s expertise and commitment to their customers’ success. Studies show just combining search and social leads to exponential success. By bundling these services, resellers provide small businesses with a holistic approach to online visibility and customer acquisition, delivering a more compelling value proposition, maximizing upsell opportunities, and fostering long-term client retention.


Gain Control

Moreover, by packaging these solutions, marketing resellers can offer greater convenience and streamlined management for their customers. Small business owners appreciate the simplicity of having a single point of contact for their digital marketing needs. This ensures efficient communication, and avoids the hassle of coordinating multiple vendors, or (gulp) family members. Through this comprehensive approach, resellers are positioned as trusted partners committed to their client’s growth.


Drive Success with Stickiness

To ensure long-term success, resellers must go beyond the initial website refresh and deliver ongoing value to their customers. By offering these bundled packages of digital tactics, resellers provide a comprehensive solution that covers the full-funnel of online marketing. This approach strengthens the reseller-customer relationship and fosters loyalty, as businesses recognize the reseller’s commitment to their sustained growth and success.

Marketing resellers have a significant opportunity to capitalize on the growing demand for website refreshes. By strategically packaging website revamping, SEO, search advertising, and social advertising, resellers can maximize upsell opportunities and enhance client retention. By presenting a holistic approach that covers the full spectrum of online marketing, resellers deliver convenience, streamlined management, and tangible results, positioning themselves as trusted partners in their customers’ growth and success.


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