Six Key Factors for Evaluating Top-notch Local Social Advertising Platforms

As businesses grow their partner programs, selecting the right adtech and social solutions becomes paramount for amplifying brand messages through local partners. To achieve this, brands must transition to tools that offer simplicity, guidance for non-marketers, and the ability to scale across diverse organizational structures.

Easy Onboarding

Streamlining the onboarding of local business partners is essential for success. Automation tools should make it a breeze for brands, resellers, and agencies to bring partners on board, connect them to their local Facebook Business Pages, and load their data onto the platform through seamless API integrations. This rapid onboarding process ensures swift and seamless results.

Adaptability to Different Business Models

Local social advertising technology should be adaptable to diverse local strategies. Whether brands want to maintain control over campaigns or empower partners with top-notch tools, the best platforms provide flexibility. Campaigns should publish campaigns from local partner Facebook Business Pages, ensuring a perfect fit for each unique partnership.

Personalization and Localization

Templates are the key to efficiency and consistency. They allow brand marketers to create numerous campaigns with shared attributes, from objectives and audience targeting to copy and media. Templates offer invaluable insights into partner preferences and performance, enabling data-driven decisions to maximize local social advertising efforts.

Brand-Compliant Asset Library

A user-friendly Campaign Library simplifies partner access to brand-compliant assets. Dynamic fields automatically customize campaign assets with partner-specific information, reinforcing brand integrity. Brands can also take charge by launching these automatically localized campaigns on behalf of partners, ensuring consistent compliance.

Streamlined Review and Approval

Offering an in-platform workflow for approvals streamlines coordination between brand managers, agencies, and partners, ensuring brand approval and compliance before publication. This collaborative feature eliminates scattered emails, speeds up the review process, and provides a central queue for campaign oversight.

Comprehensive Reporting Dashboards

Marketers need accountability and data-driven insights. Dashboards should centralize campaign data, enabling in-depth analysis. Marketers should be able to filter data by time frame, objectives, attributes, or location, providing valuable insights to optimize future campaigns. 

Selecting the best technology for local social advertising requires careful consideration of these six critical components. With the right tools, brands can empower their local partners, maintain brand compliance, and achieve measurable success in their local social advertising efforts.

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