Tiger Pistol Introduces Enhanced Capabilities for Franchises

Specialized advertising tools enable franchisees to drive foot traffic, sell more, and unlock the power of social advertising for their locations

Austin, TX 2022— Tiger Pistol, the leading collaborative advertising platform that delivers local activation at scale, recently enhanced its SaaS platform to include key capabilities that were designed to unlock and empower the franchise advertising use case. 

Tiger Pistol’s Collaborative Advertising Platform™ for Franchises enables franchisees, regardless of social advertising experience, to launch on-brand, professionally-built, Facebook and Instagram campaigns in minutes. Ads launch from the franchisee’s local Facebook Business Page and direct specifically to their store.

“Advertising within the franchise business model is challenging; it requires a delicate balance between the brand control needs of the franchise brand and the local personalization desires of their franchisee,” said Paul Elliott, CEO, Tiger Pistol. “The newly added capabilities not only help ensure the balance is achieved, but they put the real emphasis on maximizing advertising efficiency and effectiveness. Franchisees want locally-relevant and easy-to-implement advertising that delivers on their business objectives; whether that’s driving foot traffic to their locations or recruiting campaigns that enable them to quickly advertise open positions. From recruitment to traffic to promotional offers, with Tiger Pistol’s Platform, franchisees can select and personalize brand-supported campaigns that suit their business needs.”

Elliott says the platform addresses key functional needs that were previously major gaps in the ad-tech market, like flexible funding models that allow franchisees to fund their individual store-level campaigns or pay in aggregate across all of their store locations. Advanced User Management capabilities ensure greater security through roles and permissions to safeguard the platform, and data access is limited based on the franchisee’s approved role. With brand-built campaign templates, franchisors maintain brand integrity and dramatically reduce the risk of errors or policy flags. 

“Individual franchisee marketing budgets are usually too small to afford bad advertising spends,” said Elliott. “When franchisees are left in the dark and are unaware of what is working, they will most likely waste ad spend, which under serves everyone. With Tiger Pistol’s local-level reporting dashboards, franchisees can see exactly how their campaigns are performing and provide insight into how to best delegate their future ad spend.”  

To give franchisees a competitive edge, franchisors can securely share first party data to franchisee campaigns without providing direct access. This allows franchisees to build better audiences from the start, as opposed to guessing and testing. 

So far, leading brands across a multitude of industry verticals, including real estate, quick serve restaurants (QSR), and consumer services have chosen to leverage Tiger Pistol’s Collaborative Advertising Platform™ for Franchises.

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