Tiger Pistol Joins Next Sparc United for VeloSano’s Bike to Cure Ride

This annual initiative raises awareness and funding for key cancer research.

In recent years, VeloSano’s ‘Bike to Cure Ride’ has become a staple in which Tiger Pistol team members participate alongside the company’s growth equity partner Next Sparc. VeloSano is the Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center’s premier fundraising initiative dedicated to contributing to life-changing cancer research. 

This year, 21 dedicated team members from Next Sparc United and Tiger Pistol rallied their network to raise an impressive $100,121. Their efforts did not go unnoticed either. Next Sparc United was ranked #11 on the Top 20 Team Fundraising List for VeloSano 2023. This achievement underscores both organizations’ remarkable dedication to the cause.

“We have devoted ourselves to VeloSano since its inception over a decade ago,” said Len Pagon, Chairman and CEO at Next Sparc. “What makes VeloSano so important is its singular commitment to funding cancer research, a cause that touches us all in some way. Every penny raised goes directly towards this life-changing research. I am immensely passionate about cycling and fitness, and VeloSano offers a unique platform for people to come together as a team, working towards a common goal of raising awareness and research funding while getting healthier and fitter at the same time. The Next Sparc Team is proud to be part of it and will keep pushing forward because we believe in its incredible impact.”

Over the last decade, Next Sparc United has raised a total of $624,010 for cancer research and innovation through its involvement in VeloSano. To date, this amount has directly funded six cancer research projects. What truly sets VeloSano apart is its tangible impact.

“To me, VeloSano is not just a bike ride; it is a symbol of hope and a powerful force for change,” said Kierston Vaughn, Senior Vice President of Operations at Tiger Pistol. “As a proud member of the Next Sparc United and Tiger Pistol team, participating in VeloSano means supporting groundbreaking cancer research that can save lives today, not someday. It is about making a real difference. And having been touched by this disease, it hits close to home to want to help make any bit of impact that I can.”

As a member of the Cleveland community, Tiger Pistol encourages individuals and businesses to get involved with VeloSano today!


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