From Brand-Level Data to Franchisee Success: Maximizing Loyalty Program Potential

Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) marketers grasp the pivotal role played by loyalty programs in customer retention and driving sales. However, brands often hold their loyalty data card close to their vest, hoarding this vital information from their franchisees and setting the stage for missed opportunities.

Start Smart

Change the game and set everyone up to win by sharing loyalty program data for local social advertising with your franchisees. By sharing this audience data for use in social advertising, franchisees can target potential customers that might otherwise have been missed when building audiences from scratch. It’s especially beneficial for franchisees who may not be as experienced in social advertising. By sharing loyalty data, they get a smart head start in their social advertising endeavors, enabling them to build local loyalty audiences that are ready to act, or lookalike audiences that reach similar consumers in their communities.

Capitalize on Unused Points

Let’s look at how sharing loyalty information can work for franchisees. Unused points can be a red flag for both the brand and an opportunity for a local store. By promoting the usage of points in a store nearby, brands can re-engage a customer, the franchisee’s store sees greater traffic into their location, and customers realize the benefits of the loyalty program.

Get Even More Personal

According to a recent article in QSR Magazine, a whopping 91 percent of customers consider a personalized loyalty experience to be worthwhile. In fact, 50 percent claim they can’t live without it. That’s where local social advertising can come into play. By sharing loyalty program data with franchisees, you can assist them in crafting personalized and relevant ads that deeply resonate with their unique customer base. Consequently, this drives greater customer satisfaction and loyalty, cementing a strong bond between your franchise brand and its customers.

By enabling franchisees to harness the power of loyalty program data in their social ads, you’re giving them a competitive edge. This empowers them to enhance customer retention, generate new sales, and increase foot traffic to their locations. As you assist franchisees in launching intelligent social ad campaigns tailored to their specific customer base, you pave the way for a more successful journey, forging an unbreakable connection between your franchise brand and its customers.

The influence of loyalty programs should not be underestimated. The same goes for the local influence of your franchisees. When brands and their franchisees collaborate, both achieve powerful, game-changing benefits for everyone – your brand, your franchisees, and your customers.

Tiger Pistol enables QSR brands to employ marketing and advertising data to supercharge their local social ads. Check out our article: BYOD (Bring Your Own Data): How Data Integrations Drive Success in Local Social Advertising.


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