Boost Pet Franchise Success with These Local Advertising Strategies

The pet care franchising space is booming, and it’s no wonder why. Two-thirds of U.S. households have pets, and this number has been growing steadily for decades. Millennials are leading this trend, making up 33% of pet owners. They often see their pets as “starter babies.” A vast majority, 97%, consider their pets a part of the family. 

The demand for pet products and care services is rising, and franchise businesses are well-positioned to capitalize on this trend. In 2023, Americans spent $147 billion on pets, with projections reaching $150.6 billion by the end of 2024. According to NIQ’s recent webinar, “The State of Pet: The Full View of the Omni Pet Channel & Shopper,” 61% of pet product sales are taking place in-store, showing a 5% year-over-year growth. Consumers are driving the success of pet franchises by seeking convenient, standardized services and innovative, tech-enhanced pet care solutions.

Empowering Franchisees with Local Advertising

To support pet care franchise businesses effectively, localizing advertising at scale is key. This involves tailoring messaging, calls-to-action (CTAs), and creative content to fit each location’s unique characteristics, amenities, and local culture. Modern local social advertising tools fit the franchise model by streamlining campaign execution, ensuring brand compliance, and easing adoption for franchisees. These tools automate complex tasks, deliver actionable insights into campaign performance, and allow franchisees to focus on serving their customers. Leveraging platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Amazon Sponsored Display for non-Amazon sellers can significantly boost local engagement and drive business for your franchisees.

Platform-Specific Strategies


Facebook’s massive audience spans a wide range of age groups, making it ideal for reaching every demographic. Its sophisticated targeting capabilities allow pet care franchisees to connect with high-intent local audiences. Radius, zip code, and city targeting hone in on specific service areas, and minimum budgets of $1 a day make Facebook advertising attainable for most local businesses. 

Instagram and TikTok

Vertical video content dominates on both Instagram and TikTok. Reels on Instagram and Facebook offer broad demographic reach with quick, impactful ads, though music usage is limited to original or licensed tracks. TikTok, appealing to a younger crowd, provides flexible video lengths for varied storytelling and boasts a vast music library. Both platforms offer valuable analytics, guiding franchisees to optimize their ad strategies. By empowering your franchisees with local advertising technology, you help them overcome the challenges of creating short form video and enable them to take advantage of the power of vertical video advertising.  

While Reel’s targeting parameters are the same as Facebook’s (see above), it should be noted that TikTok parameters differ in several meaningful ways. First, TikTok does not allow for radius targeting, but rather focuses a level up to zip code, DMA, or city. Second, TikTok’s minimum budget requirements are higher at $50 per day; however, these spending requirements are lower than in years past and will continue to decrease as more and more advertisers leverage the tool and publish ads.

Amazon Ads Sponsored Display

Amazon Sponsored Display is a powerful new tool for targeting pet enthusiasts based on purchase and viewing behaviors in the Amazon ecosystem. Tiger Pistol’s collaboration with Amazon Ads introduces Sponsored Display Ads to a broad range of businesses, including those not selling directly on Amazon, like pet groomers, doggie daycares, pet waste removal services, and dog obedience schools. Amazon assembles high-intent audiences from its vast data, allowing franchisees to reach potential customers efficiently. Creative execution is a cinch, and Amazon Sponsored Display requires no minimum daily budget.  

By leveraging these platforms, pet franchise brand marketers can empower their franchisees to effectively reach local audiences, driving foot traffic, web traffic, and bookings. The pet franchising space is on an explosive growth trajectory, and with the right local advertising strategies, franchise businesses can thrive in this booming market.



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