How Local Social Advertising Solves Top Franchise Marketing Challenges

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Franchises face a unique set of marketing challenges, from maintaining brand integrity across locations to navigating advertising competency gaps among franchisees to demonstrating the ROI from local activities. The key to overcoming these obstacles lies in local social advertising, a strategy that can simplify campaign execution, ensures brand cohesion, and fosters franchisee activation.
Our playbook, inspired by insights from Franchise Update Media’s Annual Franchise Marketing Report, guides marketers through leveraging local social advertising to address franchise-specific challenges effectively.


of franchise marketing teams consist of 1-3 people.


of brands mandate marketing spend and nearly half (48%) rely on an honor system for auditing.


 of fans are likely to return to a bar or pub when games are available to watch

Learn How to Navigate Franchise Marketing Challenges

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  • Adopt tools and strategies that allow franchisees to create locally relevant ads without compromising the overall brand message.
  • Enable rapid adjustments to marketing strategies to stay ahead in dynamic markets, while maintaining a strong local presence.
  • Empower franchisees to outshine competitors by synchronizing local efforts with the national strategy and optimizing resources.
  • Address privacy concerns with a targeted geographical approach, respecting consumer privacy while effectively reaching desired audiences.
  • Demonstrate the clear ROI of marketing investments through advanced technology that consolidates data and provides actionable insights.

“How Local Social Advertising Solves Top Franchise Marketing Challenges” is your go-to guide for transforming franchise marketing challenges into opportunities. Gain access to crucial strategies to enhance marketing efforts, drive growth, and make your franchise the brand of choice in local markets.

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