Threads: The Explosive Launch of Meta’s Text-based Conversation Platform

Threads, a new text-based conversation platform developed by Meta, launched this past Wednesday evening and saw an adoption explosion. Within 24 hours, the app attracted more than 50 million users and shows no signs of slowing. Threads is a separate application, yet tightly integrated with Instagram. This integration facilitates adoption by leveraging users’ login and Instagram handle and allowing for an easy way to follow existing contacts. Moreover, Meta has actively pursued celebrities to use the app to attract and retain users. 

A Familiar Interface

Threads’ interface works like Twitter, enabling users to repost, like, and control who can reply to their posts. The app focuses on one-to-one messaging and supports text, image, and video posts. 

A Decentralized Future 

The platform launched absent of its speculated decentralized capabilities (Powered by ActivityPub), however, Meta has published a detailed explanation of its plans for Threads in relation to the Fediverse, including this excerpt:  

“Our vision is that Threads will enable you to communicate with people on other Fediverse platforms we don’t own or control. This means that your Threads profile can follow and be followed by people using different servers on the Fediverse. Your content and information may be shared with those servers, for example, if you interact with content from other servers or if you have followers from other servers.”

Threads’ future as a decentralized social platform is part of a larger industry story, where several factors, including the rise of misinformation and harassment on centralized platforms, as well as the growing desire for privacy and security are fragmenting the social web. The Fediverse solves for this fragmentation, enabling interoperability between social networks while maintaining privacy and security. 

Not Yet All-Access

Also absent from the launch was access to Threads within the EU, where regulatory concerns loom. Threads is available in the United States and approximately 100 countries outside the EU, where Meta is still navigating data sharing regulations with Instagram. Negotiations for a new data transfer deal between the EU and the US are ongoing, and the European Commission is discussing the Digital Markets Act, which could impact Meta’s operations in the region.

Poised for Immense Growth

Despite these challenges, Threads presents an opportunity for Meta to increase revenue. The stock price rose after the announcement, indicating positive investor sentiment. If Threads can reach half the user base of Twitter, which peaked at 230 million daily active users, Meta could potentially generate billions in revenue in the coming years.

Ad-Free For Now

Threads launched without an advertising option, with Head of Instagram/Threads Adam Mosseri in an interview with The Verge publicly deprioritizing ads at this time, 

“If we are successful, if we make something that lots of people love and keep using, we will, I’m sure, monetize it. And I would be confident that the business model will be ads. Right now, we are not focused on monetization. We’re very, very focused on just trying to make something that people love to use. And then, if we get something to scale, that’ll be a champagne problem.”

Naturally, our team at Tiger Pistol is actively using Threads and staying informed of developments. Keep an eye out and bookmark our Thought Leadership Page, where we will post subsequent content when appropriate. 

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