Navigating Compliance Urgency: European Privacy Regulations, Meta’s Platform Modifications, and AdTech Challenges

The European Union (EU) has recently introduced the Digital Services Act (DSA) as an additional measure under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), aimed at implementing stricter regulations within the digital realm. This new legislation now imposes greater responsibilities on advertising technology companies, requiring them to assume accountability for the content displayed on their platforms.

Meta and Global Corporations Face Heightened Scrutiny and Compliance Obligations

The extent of scrutiny faced by these companies will be directly proportional to their size, meaning that larger entities like Meta will be held to a higher standard. Consequently, Meta and similar global corporations will be obligated to promptly remove illegal content, maintain transparency regarding their algorithms, and curtail the dissemination of misinformation. The DSA encompasses various topics, including but not limited to the prohibition of targeted advertising towards minors or based on religion, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. Moreover, companies are required to furnish users with documentation elucidating the inner workings of their “recommended for you” algorithms.

Meta’s Initiatives for Advertiser Accountability and User Protection

In light of the DSA, Meta is adopting an approach to create greater advertiser transparency. It is implementing changes to its platform that will clearly delineate the stakeholders who have funded specific advertisements and disclose the beneficiaries of such advertisements. Additionally, Meta is actively working on a product, referred to as “Basic Ads” by Facebook engineers, designed to function without relying on anonymized personal information from users. The performance of these ads will be assessed using fundamental metrics like engagement and video views.

Navigating Fragmented Privacy Compliance and Preparing for AI’s Global Impact and Meta’s Platform Modifications

AdTech companies are confronted with an ongoing challenge as privacy compliance requirements and the compliance landscape worldwide become increasingly fragmented. While several AdTech companies promote standardization to address this fragmentation, the widespread adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) will significantly influence the global impact of these advancements in the coming months. Notably, Meta is swiftly modifying its platform and demanding compliance in Europe, compelling AdTech companies to implement these adjustments in their own platforms with little advance notice. It is crucial that AdTech platforms stay ahead of this situation, making these changes in a timely manner to avoid disruption to their clients’ campaigns.

Tiger Pistol’s Global Adaptation and Standardization Efforts amidst GDPR, DSA, and European Advertising Acts

Tiger Pistol is well acquainted with the challenges posed by fragmentation resulting from GDPR, the DSA, and other European advertising acts on the global stage. As a global company ourselves, we are actively working to swiftly adapt and comply with this legislation while promoting standardization across our platform. We have already ensured GDPR compliance in serving our European clients and maintain close collaboration with legal teams to remain up to date with all emerging requirements. We have already removed campaign objectives and targeting parameters that no longer align with compliance standards. We will continue to keep our partners informed about any potential impacts resulting from these changes.

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Tiger Pistol has been a Meta Business Partner for more than a decade. If you have inquiries regarding the DSA, our commitment to GDPR compliance, or how we streamline the compliance process for our partners, we welcome your feedback and stand ready to assist you.


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