How to Create Effective Vertical Video Ads

In the last five years, social media advertising has experienced a notable shift with the rise of vertical video through TikTok and Reels. With mobile devices becoming the primary platform for consuming content, businesses are increasingly leveraging vertical videos to nurture discovery and engage their audiences effectively. However, creating impactful vertical video ads requires a specialized approach. Below are five key strategies to help you craft vertical video advertisements that captivate and convert your audience.

Seize Attention from the Start

Grabbing your audience’s attention immediately is critical. Start your vertical video with a captivating visual or thought-provoking question that instantly hooks viewers. For instance, a pizza franchise could ask, “What if every slice told a story?” followed by everyday visuals of people eating their pizza in various situations. 

Keep It Short and Impactful

Vertical videos are typically shorter in duration, so make every second count. Focus on delivering a concise yet powerful narrative. Consider showcasing the transformation of a customer’s problem into a solution offered by your product or service. It’s about packing a punch in a brief timeframe.

Embrace Silence with Text

Recognize that many viewers watch videos on mute. To ensure your message gets across effectively, use text overlays or captions. For example, a fitness franchise could promote yoga classes by syncing position names and benefits with the visuals. Even without sound, the audience can follow along and understand the message.

Integrate Brand Subtly

Seamlessly weave your brand elements into the vertical video. A housekeeping service could create a video on spring cleaning tips, with the presenter in a branded company uniform. This reinforces the brand identity without overshadowing the content. It’s about making your mark and being relevant without being overbearing.

Guide with a Clear Call-to-Action

Make it easy for viewers to engage further with your brand. Whether you want your audience to sign up, order now, or simply learn more, wrap up with a compelling call-to-action. 

Crafting impactful vertical video ads requires creativity, precision, and an understanding of your consumers’ behavior. By seizing attention from the start, keeping content concise yet impactful, embracing silence with text overlays, integrating brand elements subtly, and guiding viewers with clear calls-to-action, marketers can create compelling campaigns that resonate with their target audience. These strategies will help you create vertical video ads that not only capture attention but also engage and convert viewers. 


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