3 Table Stakes for Brands Growing Channel Partner Programs

A recent report by Demand Gen revealed that brands plan to increase investments in channel programs.  

“Channel program budgets will be boosted by nearly 70% of those surveyed, as they upgrade a variety of support services and activities such as partner training, channel incentives and partner relationship management.”

Here’s the deal: Training & Incentives are great, but partners need access to time-saving expertise in advertising for three reasons. One, partners are concerned with their sales, they want support to drive profitability. Two, partners want access to a marketing solution that requires the least amount of time possible. Three, becoming the preferred brand of a partner requires proving the quality of your product and the incremental value you offer as a fellow contributor to their business.


It is Always About Sales

Partners want what you want: Sales. Give them support that will drive profitability, and that starts with a marketing solution that focuses on driving consumers to their store. Sales-driven training sessions can teach partners how to make the most out of your brand’s marketing program. Plus, it allows your partners to understand the benefit and impact of your improved, combined efforts. With access to time-saving, co-branded marketing campaigns, partners can harness the power of your brand combined with their local recognition for better performing advertising that directly impacts their bottom line (and by extension – yours). 


It is Always About Time

Managing financials, employees, and inventory plus making it to their kid’s soccer game on time, partners live ultra-busy lives. As such, they tend to dislike complex marketing solutions. An effective marketing solution should take little time or effort and be mobile-optimized. Offer your partners a simple method to publish (and customize) high-quality, brand-approved campaigns in minutes. You’ll reap the benefits as they drive preference for your brand. 


It is Always About Value

Becoming the preferred brand of a partner is about proving the quality of your product and the incremental value you offer as a fellow contributor to their business. A partner marketing on their own is a partner who sprays and prays. Offer a solution that allows partners to tap into your brand’s data to target the right audience and increase their campaign performance. Your program should also include simple metrics so partners can gain valuable insights, understand what they are achieving, and see the impact that your brand’s investment.  

A successful channel partner program offers sales-driven strategies that drive profitability for their stores, is accessible for non-marketers, and considers the needs and wants of your partners equally. If your brand invests in a partner program, make it one that feels like adoption is a no-brainer for your local partners. 


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