Tiger Pistol Rises to Finalist Round for Digiday Technology Awards’ “Best Social Marketing Platform” 


The 2019 and 2020 Winner Shortlisted for its Exceptional Work with Wendy’s and Great Clips. 


AUSTIN, TX – Cross-partner visibility, brand control, and partner customization were among the top reasons Tiger Pistol finds itself named, not once, but twice, on the Digiday Technology Awards’ shortlist for Best Social Marketing Platform. Tiger Pistol, the leading collaborative advertising platform that delivers local activation at scale, was announced alongside their industry leading clients, Wendy’s and Great Clips, for supporting local partners through community-relevant social advertising.  

“Every year, the Digiday Technology Awards’ shortlist reads like a ‘who’s who’ of innovative technology companies, and we are honored to be recognized in this prestigious circle,” said Paul Elliott, CEO Tiger Pistol. “For more than a decade, Tiger Pistol has set its sights on solving social advertising’s greatest points of friction. Capturing the attention of Digiday’s judging panel further validates our position that it takes specialized tools to achieve scaled social advertising success. Tiger Pistol remains the only adtech provider exclusively focused on the national-to-local social advertising opportunity.”

Tiger Pistol’s Collaborative Advertising Platform™ eliminates the major gaps and obstacles to scaled social advertising that exist in both native social tooling and competing social adtech platforms. Tiger Pistol’s focus on technology development and product innovation that simplifies social advertising complexities, without sacrificing the power of the social media channel. 

“We handle the greatest challenges for national-to-local social advertising – such as capturing local business page connections, campaign creation, and creative management – with ease through our technology and automations, making Tiger Pistol the optimal solution for businesses looking to empower their channel partners,” said Elliott. “This effortless scale combined with performance optimization tools means results are not sacrificed for efficiency, and a lack of scale does not limit capabilities across markets.”

With two previous Digiday Technology Awards for Best Social Marketing Platform under its belt, Elliott said Tiger Pistol looks forward to hearing the competition results this November. “If I may borrow our honored client’s tagline, ‘It’s Gonna Be Great!'”


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