Tiger Pistol Partners with Yext to Supercharge Local Social Advertising with Local Listings Data 

New integration offers brands unmatched control, accuracy, and efficiency for local social advertising campaigns.

CLEVELAND, OH – Tiger Pistol, the most advanced collaborative advertising platform, announced its partnership with Yext, a leading digital experience platform, to empower users to build digital experiences across any channel and centrally manage local listings data. This integration not only reinforces Tiger Pistol’s commitment to choosing best-in-class partners but also offers brands a key to unlocking unprecedented capabilities for local social advertising.

With the integration, clients can bring their own data to supercharge their social advertising programs, leveraging it to its fullest potential, by seamlessly integrating their Yext listings data to automatically onboard and connect local partner Facebook Business Pages, as well as dynamically group, target, and customize ad creative at scale. While there has been a partnership between the companies for more than five years, enhancements to our integration means that companies can harness and leverage local listings data with a new layer of granularity, personalization, and consistent accuracy. This solves one of the most frustrating challenges in the industry. 

“This collaboration is more than intertwining technologies; it’s a representation of Tiger Pistol’s philosophy,” said Sarah Cucchiara, Vice President of Business Development at Tiger Pistol. “We believe in aligning with best-in-class companies like Yext, enabling our clients to unlock the full potential of their MarTech stack and set the gold standard in local social advertising.

The Yext integration with Tiger Pistol represents a nexus of precision and innovation. By weaving together Yext’s trusted listings data with the power of Tiger Pistol’s social advertising automation, clients can be assured that every campaign is anchored in unparalleled location accuracy. This alignment also paves the way for peak efficiency. Brands can now roll out locally optimized campaigns in mere minutes, fully harnessing the investment in enriched Yext location data within the Tiger Pistol ecosystem. Location store hours and addresses automatically localize ad copy, providing consumers with clear and immediate information. This transparency is further enhanced by our integrated synchronization, which ensures that no ad inadvertently promotes a closed location. Every crucial field is updated across Tiger Pistol’s platform. This ensures social ads are launched with the most up-to-date information.

But the Tiger Pistol and Yext partnership is not just about providing information; it’s about driving actionable results. Each advertisement is thoughtfully designed with a compelling call-to-action, seamlessly guiding consumers directly to the closest partner location, ultimately driving sales and fostering stronger brand-consumer relationships.

“At the core of our integration with Yext is the concept of data empowerment,” said Cucchiara. “Brands are no longer passive consumers of static datasets; instead, they can actively harness their unique data, introducing a depth of personalization and relevance to their advertising campaigns that speak directly to local audiences.”

Discover the benefits of our Yext integration and explore how best-in-class platforms like Tiger Pistol can elevate your local social advertising.


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