Meta’s Performance 5 Framework: The Impact of Simplifying Your Account Structure

Meta’s Performance 5 Framework comprises five game-changing best practices that supercharge advertisers’ performance when they leverage Meta’s ad products. In part 2 of our series on the Performance 5 Framework, we’ll take a closer look at recommendation number one: Simplify your account structure and put ad creative in one central campaign. 

What is Account Simplification?

Account simplification serves as the foundational strategy for all best practices outlined in the Performance 5 Framework. Before we dig in, let’s review some general terminology.

Campaign: A campaign consists of multiple ad sets with a common purpose or objective. It serves as a platform to define your advertising goal: Generating more leads, directing traffic to your website, or enhancing brand recognition.

Ad Set: Ad sets are clusters of advertisements that share settings governing their timing, placement, and manner of delivery. 

Ad: Ads are content designed to engage your audience. When crafting a Facebook ad, you can select its creative elements, such as images or videos. In addition, you can select the accompanying text, links, and call-to-action button.

Tiger Pistol Templated Campaign Structure Options: The Tiger Pistol platform supports 3 Ad Variations. We recommend testing only 1 element (ie. Audience, Copy, or Media) in each Templated campaign.

It is imperative to simplify this structure for better performance. When you add more ad sets to your campaign, it’s inevitable that you’ll need to invest more to optimize them effectively. Additionally, if your campaign budget is limited, your account might face challenges generating the necessary optimization events within the desired timeframe. This can prolong the learning phase and ultimately hinder long-term performance.

Every campaign on a Meta property undergoes a learning phase in which Meta learns about the ideal audience for your ads. During this period, performance fluctuates, and the cost-per-result (CPR) might be higher. Simplifying your account and consolidating ad creative in a central campaign enables the campaign to exit the learning phase quicker. As a result, more of the ad spend will be allocated towards optimized results instead of the learning process, increasing overall ad performance. 

Tiger Pistol’s Approach Aligns with Meta’s Performance 5 Framework

Advertisers using Tiger Pistol’s platform start a campaign with three ad sets that undergo A/B/C testing. This ensures the budget isn’t spread too thin across numerous ads. When planning a local social strategy with a tight budget, we advise reducing the number of ads accordingly. 

During the learning phase, our delivery system, in collaboration with Meta’s powerful optimization algorithm, actively investigates the most effective audiences and placements. This ensures the optimal allocation of budget across all ad sets. Regardless of budget size, every campaign published through Tiger Pistol is consistently optimized to maximize performance. During testing, all ads automatically adjust and prioritize funding in real time towards the most successful ad variations. A/B/C tests are limited to one focus per campaign, making it easy to identify successful variables objectively. This simplified approach streamlines campaign structure and reporting, while also continuously enhancing your ad performance.

As Meta advances its AI capabilities to maximize performance, account simplification becomes more crucial. By streamlining the account structure, Meta’s AI investments accelerate marketers’ desired outcomes.

Meta’s Performance 5 Framework: The Impact of Simplifying Your Account Structure is part 2 of a 6-part series. Download the entire series in one playbook, The Ultimate Guide to High-Performance Local Social Advertising for Brands, SMB Resellers, and Agencies.


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