Sanofi Partners with Tiger Pistol to Grow Market Share and Redefine Advertising Effectiveness


Sanofi capitalizes on patient/pharmacy trust with national-to-local social campaigns run through independent pharmacy network


AUSTIN, TX — Tiger Pistol, the leading collaborative advertising platform that delivers local activation at scale, announced today a partnership with Sanofi, a leading, globally-recognized healthcare company, to power its national-to-local social advertising programs. 

This partnership enables Sanofi to continue to grow market share for key health and beauty products by launching highly-localized social campaigns from the Facebook Pages of the independent pharmacies where Sanofi products are sold. 

According to Camila Hadad, Digital and Media Lead Region COPAC at Sanofi,

“Our partnership with Tiger Pistol uniquely facilitates a deeper connection to the independent pharmacies we rely on to sell our products and makes it easy to reach new customers at the community level through their local pharmacy. Tiger Pistol provides us with a real win-win value proposition.” 

The environment is ripe for collaborative advertising between pharmaceutical brands and their pharmacy networks. According to new research from Columbia University, patient trust in pharmacies has hit a record high, with 80% of patients finding pharmacists to be a reliable source of health information.

“It’s truly a remarkable time for our companies to partner. More and more brands are realizing the rewards of national-to-local social advertising, especially with Meta’s growing focus and commitment to local business partners,” said Paul Elliott, CEO, Tiger Pistol. “By partnering with Tiger Pistol, Sanofi now has a powerful solution for scaling collaborative advertising with their partners, while gaining a deeper understanding of how customers interact with its network of independent pharmacies.”

For the initial program launch, Sanofi invited its local pharmacies in Costa Rica to participate in a collaborative advertising program by simply connecting their local Facebook Page via the Tiger Pistol Platform. Once partners were connected, the Sanofi marketing team deployed localized campaigns featuring the pharmacy and Sanofi’s product offer, directing consumers to their nearest local pharmacy for purchase. Tiger Pistol’s reporting dashboard allows Sanofi to see performance for each participating pharmacy and understand where demand is highest versus areas where they need to gain more ground. Sanofi’s partnership with Tiger Pistol has already identified massive advertising savings for the pharmaceutical brand.

“We’re thrilled with the initial results of our collaborative campaigns, which showed nearly a 70% decrease in cost of advertising over our past national campaigns,” said Hadad.

Sanofi’s partnership with Tiger Pistol demonstrates the power of collaboration between brand and partners to supercharge social advertising programs.


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