Discover the Power of Location-Based Social Advertising with Tiger Pistol’s Advanced Reporting Dashboard

Tiger Pistol’s latest capability consolidates campaign performance across locations, delivering deeper campaign insights.

During times of financial constraint, marketing budgets and the performance they drive, become more important than ever. According to eMarketer, 75% of marketers anticipate their budgets will be closely scrutinized this year. As a result, marketers are directing advertising dollars towards the bottom of the sales funnel in an attempt to increase conversions. The ability to analyze campaign data effectively will help prove out the success of their strategy.

Tiger Pistol, the most advanced collaborative advertising platform, recently unveiled a new interactive reporting dashboard that empowers marketers to easily analyze location-based, social advertising campaign data. This dashboard allows users to efficiently consolidate, visualize, connect, and explore local social campaign data in real-time. Marketers can compare campaigns across locations, regions, and types to surface the elements that are driving success. 

“Marketing accountability has taken on a new meaning, and marketers who can make sense of their data at the most granular level will be able to allocate spend for the greatest impact,” said Paul Elliott, CEO of Tiger Pistol. “Our new reporting dashboard enables marketers to leverage local campaign data for comprehensive analysis. By consolidating data that is usually scattered across multiple sources, we anticipate that marketers can drive significant improvements in conversion rates and ROI.”

The new reporting dashboard from Tiger Pistol offers a valuable feature that enables marketers to view Facebook and Instagram campaign data by location or region. Marketers can filter data across time frame, campaign objective, attributes, or location, providing the insights needed to optimize future campaigns. Tiger Pistol’s dashboard solves the problem of consolidating fragmented data, making it easier for marketers to visualize and analyze patterns across their partners’ social advertising campaigns. The dashboard offers layered intelligence, enabling users to explore data in-depth by cross-filtering data with multiple criteria.

According to Bob Govia, Vice President of Product at Tiger Pistol, “Insights are more than recording impressions, clicks, and conversions. They are about understanding the interplay among variables. Our dashboard saves brand marketers time. It removes the need to manually collect and consolidate reporting from different partners, agencies, or locations, giving brands instant access to every important data point across creative, copy, targeting, or performance metric from their social campaigns.”

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