From Compliance to Campaign Execution: Why Local Social Advertising at Scale Requires Specialized Expertise

Effective Facebook and Instagram advertising at scale requires specialized expertise to ensure campaigns are developed and executed in a way that maximizes results. When evaluating a social AdTech partner, make sure they can speak in-depth about how their team and tools address the following areas of importance.

Meta’s Constantly Changing Landscape

Meta is ever-evolving and constantly making updates to its social platforms’ advertising features, algorithms, and policies. Keeping up with announced and unannounced changes requires a dedicated team monitoring Meta trends, implementing new offerings, and adapting strategies accordingly. For example, last year Meta announced ODAX, an overhaul of its campaign objectives, without fanfare. This update required significant changes for AdTech providers, and those that weren’t ahead of the game found themselves scrambling as the update rolled out – and many continue to struggle today.

Meta offers a program, which it describes as, “companies Meta has vetted for their technical skills and services, and their unique ability to help businesses grow. Partners are part of a respected global community, and get access to unique benefits like training, support, analytics reports and client matching opportunities.” It’s always worth asking if your AdTech provider is a badged Meta Business Partner.

Compliance and Regulation

Change in the social advertising space has accelerated in the last few years. Social advertising is subject to a variety of government regulations and platform policies, including those related to data privacy, advertising content, and other legal and anti-discriminatory considerations. Adhering to these regulations requires specialized knowledge and expertise to ensure that campaigns are compliant and avoid potential legal issues. For instance, Meta outlines Special Ad Categories designed to protect users from discriminatory advertising practices. Ads in these categories are subject to additional requirements and restrictions, including limits on targeting based on age, gender, and other protected characteristics. Additionally, some verticals require ads to contain license numbers or other qualifying details. Make sure your AdTech provider offers safeguards in their technology to ensure your local partners’ ads are compliant to prevent their campaigns from being flagged, paused, or cause other time-consuming issues.

Scaled Social Ad Execution

Effective execution of a single Facebook ad campaign demands attention to several key elements. It requires comprehensive knowledge of best practices for audience targeting, bidding strategies, ad placement, ad creative, and performance measurement. Creating visually appealing and attention-grabbing ads that convey the right message to the target audience is critical to the success of any social advertising campaign. Executing one social advertising campaign can be time-consuming. Executing thousands across local Facebook Business Pages at the same time, can seem impossible. If you are a brand, reseller, or agency that needs to scale social advertising across many locations, channel partners, or customers, your AdTech provider should be well versed in the scaled social advertising best practices that align with your strategy, drive efficiency, and perform consistently.

Campaign Strategy and Measurement

To fully leverage the vast amounts of data generated by scaled social advertising, it’s essential to have access to specialized tools and expert insights. Your AdTech partner should surface data that aligns with your KPIs and helps you interpret that data, while offering strategic guidance on how to optimize future campaigns and allocate budgets for maximum impact.

By utilizing comprehensive reporting, you gain a more holistic understanding of the social advertising program’s achievements, the capability to continually optimize performance, and the ability to communicate success to your locations, channel partners, or customers.

Facebook and Instagram advertising at scale can be a complex undertaking that requires specialized expertise to maximize results. When choosing a social AdTech partner, it’s crucial to ensure that they have a deep understanding of Meta’s constantly evolving landscape, compliance and regulation, effective execution at scale, and campaign measurement. By partnering with a provider that can deliver in these areas, you can confidently execute scaled social advertising campaigns that meet your business goals, comply with regulations, and drive unparalleled results.

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