2023’s Social Media Advertising Power Moves: Tiger Pistol’s Top 5 Picks for Marketing Resellers!

2023 brought exciting opportunities for marketing resellers. To help you prepare for 2024, we’ve curated a shortlist of essential content packed with actionable insights and data-driven strategies. These valuable resources provide a roadmap for achieving your local social advertising goals.  

Unleashing Small Business Growth: How SMB Marketing Resellers Can Maximize Upsell Opportunities and Client Retention

New research shows small businesses are investing in their online presence. Learn how SMB Marketing Resellers can capitalize on this trend. Read the blog. 

Amplifying Success: Data-driven Sales Tactics for Marketing Service Resellers

To unlock online advertising potential, marketing service resellers should provide all-inclusive solutions merging paid search and Facebook advertising. See the remarkable stats behind this statement. Read the blog. 

Small Business Social Advertising Benchmark Report

Our Small Business Social Advertising Benchmark Report reveals proven methods to slash Facebook and Instagram advertising costs. Use this data to tailor your local marketing solutions to meet diverse market demands, from legal to beauty and beyond. Then leverage local insights and position yourself as an industry leader. Get the report.

How to Scale Your Local Social Advertising with Meta’s Performance 5

Unlock the Power of Meta’s Performance 5 Framework! Discover the latest game-changing updates and how to leverage them for high-performance social media advertising. Get the playbook

Unpacking Meta’s Advantage and Advantage+: A Q&A with Tiger Pistol’s VP of Product

Explore Meta’s recent rebranding of its AI campaign automation and optimization features, now called Advantage and Advantage+. These updates offer advanced AI creative capabilities accessible through Meta’s marketing API. This provides marketers with valuable tools to enhance ad performance, streamline campaign setup, and deliver more personalized ads. Tiger Pistol’s VP of Product explains more in this interview. 

With the right strategies in place, resellers can seize the moment and propel their businesses to new heights, all while helping small businesses amplify their online presence and achieve remarkable results.



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