Living Our Values: Tiger Pistol Fosters Hope Through Volunteer Effort


“Be Passionate;” “Be Empathetic.” These cornerstone values define the way Tiger Pistol team members work with each other and for our communities. 

Recently, team members brought their value-based, collaborative attitude to Fostering Hope, a Cleveland-based organization that connects and enriches youth who live in residential treatment and foster care with unique experiences of hope and healing. Fostering Hope was established in 2013 to raise awareness of the challenges faced by children within the foster care system and provide opportunities to them while engaging the community in which they reside.

“It’s a joy that we’re able to get away from work to help out in the community,” said Jeff Mather, Tiger Pistol Product Manager. “Our Tiger Pistol team has made volunteering a priority, and events like this allow us to grow as a community while helping our communities at large. What struck me is how even a few hours from a handful of people is so valuable to the organization, helping them get prepped or ready for their next projects. It really helps contextualize the impact of volunteering.”

The Tiger Pistol cohort helped Fostering Hope put together their signature Birthday Boxes and Journey Bags. Birthday boxes are given to kids who have birthdays in that particular month, so they can celebrate their special day as they should. The team packed each box with crayons, journals/coloring books, stuffed animals, toys, water colors, plates, napkins, and birthday treats. The team also helped pack Journey Bags, larger duffle bags that typically include blankets, pillows, a journal, a stuffed animal, and a toiletry kit. Journey bags provide kids in foster care with personal items of their own that they can feel good about.

“Our company is amazing at giving us opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others,” said Evan Olbrych, Tiger Pistol Business Analyst. “This is just another example that the amazing people working at Tiger Pistol value helping others and giving back to their communities.” 

Tiger Pistol team members are regular volunteers at both the Cleveland and Greater Texas Food Banks. Upcoming events include participation in Velosano Bike to Cure to support life saving cancer research at Cleveland Clinic, and in the Footpath Foundation Golf Outing as a Silver Sponsor. The Footpath Foundation connects youth to nature, providing outdoor experiences they would not otherwise have.

Aside from group events, Tiger Pistol offers every team member time off each year to contribute to organizations meaningful to them. Tiger Pistol donates monthly to charities designated by our “Employee of the Month” honorees.


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