Pawsitively Perfect: Unveiling the Unsung Heroes of Tiger Pistol


It’s time to celebrate the unsung heroes of our company, those hidden staff members who bring us joy, comfort, and plenty of adorable moments throughout the day. No, we’re not talking about secret agents or invisible colleagues— we’re talking about our beloved pets!

We know that sometimes, amidst all the hard work and deadlines, the best support can come from a furry friend. Whether it’s a dog curled up on your lap, a cat gracefully perched in the window, or even a sneaky chinchilla hiding in your desk, our four-legged or double-finned companions make our workdays brighter, happier, and cuter.

Check out the fascinating world of Tiger Pistol’s beloved companions and discover our nominations for the esteemed title of employee pet of the month.

Pet Infographic


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