Beverage Power Play: Winning with Local Social Advertising during the Paris Olympics

There’s a golden opportunity on the horizon that no savvy beverage marketer should miss – the Paris Olympics. With 4 billion eager eyes expected to tune in, it’s a chance to ensure your brand captures significant market share. Local social media advertising is the strategy that helps your brand harness this global spectacle to drive traffic into the local establishments where your products are sold.

Nationalism Meets Neighborhood

According to a BBC global poll, in 18 out of 21 countries, the Olympics are an immense source of national pride. This sentiment is the ace up your sleeve. With localized social media advertising campaigns, you can harness that nationalism and lead fans straight to their nearest bar or pub. While there they can soak in the Olympic camaraderie, cheer on their national teams, and enjoy your beverage brand. 

Imagine this: A fan scrolling through their phone stumbles upon a hyper-localized ad featuring your brand and product and directs them to the closest pub showing the next Olympics event featuring their national team. It’s not just about selling a beverage; it’s about selling an experience intertwined with their passion for the Games.

Go for the Gold with Local Social Advertising

This strategy isn’t just a win for your brand; it’s a game-changer for your trade partners – the bars, restaurants, and pubs crucial to your sales. Building a strong alliance with them is paramount, and localized social advertising does just that. 

During the 2021 COPA America Tournament, industry giant AB InBev showed how it’s done. They used hyper-targeted Facebook and Instagram ads to amp up fans for every match. With the help of Tiger Pistol’s platform, they swiftly adapted their ad creatives across hundreds of campaigns. The result? Goals achieved for both the brand and its trade partners.

  • 75% lower cost of advertising than national campaigns
  • 500+ participating pubs and restaurants
  • 2M+ fans reached

A Winning Strategy

Local social media advertising is the ace that maximizes reach, fosters trade relationships, and establishes a robust local brand identity. Brands that seize this opportunity will outpace their competition and secure relationships for the future in the fiercely competitive beverage industry.

By embracing local social advertising, beverage brands can bring the thrill of the Paris Olympics straight to the local scene. It’s about linking your brand to national pride and community ties and, most importantly, boosting your revenue. 

Tiger Pistol specializes in social media advertising at scale across Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Learn how we can help your beverage brand transform your trade marketing, elevate partner loyalty, and grow local market share.


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