Avoiding Social Advertising Overlap Between Your Franchise and Franchisees

When it comes to advertising, franchisees want to make sure they’re getting their money’s worth from their franchise partnership. Most specifically, franchisees want to ensure their advertising spend contributions will drive to their specific store vs. the national-level awareness ads run by the franchise. Collaborative advertising removes the friction. Here’s how. 

Meaningful Results at the Local Level: Target Specifically for Franchise Locations

Targeted ads allow franchisees to direct consumers to only their location. In this case, franchisees don’t have to worry about overlapping with neighboring franchisees because the ad will drive a single conversion. More specifically, by leveraging geo-targeting technology, franchisees can easily avoid marketing overlap among locations in densely populated territories. With ads running from the individual location’s Facebook Page, brands can achieve rooftop level granularity, even at scale. 

Avoiding Cannibalization: Use Different Objectives 

National campaigns have different goals than local franchisee campaigns. A national campaign could be focused on overall brand awareness objectives or even direct to consumer engagement, while a franchisee’s campaign may serve as a direct response, focused and targeted to those who prefer to shop in store. Local ads are like connective tissue, they bridge the gap between national campaigns and direct points of sale. With different objectives and different purchase paths, local franchisee campaigns can be complementary rather than competition to your national branding efforts. 

With local franchisee campaigns your brand can tap into overlooked micro-markets and leverage what matters at a much more granular level such as who you want to target versus who you don’t want to target. Targeted communication in micro-markets activates both increased and consistent engagement. That’s because Facebook is a community platform, and Facebook rewards ads that are relevant to the community with increased frequency and a discounted budget.

The Data Payoff: Shared Data and Multi-Level Reporting Dashboards

This collaborative approach challenges what’s possible and what should be expected from investments. With automatic campaign reporting, brands can empower their franchisees with access to performance metrics of their campaign. These local, regional, and global dashboards help franchisees develop a better understanding of who their customers are as well as assess what is working and what isn’t. In turn, your brand can use these data insights to inform and amplify your national branding efforts and build better audiences.

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