Empower Agents with Marketing Tools

Realogy wanted to empower their network of agents with high-performing, auto-configured, on-brand Facebook and Instagram campaigns that agents could use to promote their listings. Tiger Pistol created a purpose-built DIY tool with custom integration into the MLS system that auto-populated MLS listing copy, image, and headline, so all agents had to do was select the property they wished to advertise. With Tiger Pistol’s tool, Realogy agents could create, personalize, and publish campaigns in 5 minutes or less. 


Realogy + Local Real Estate Agents
Collaborative Model:
Do It Themselves
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Tiger Pistol is a collaborative advertising platform that enables our clients to deploy optimized and scalable campaigns within minutes. By simplifying high-performance collaborative advertising for our clients and their partners, we help you achieve your most ambitious goals in customer acquisition and sales growth.