Invest in Your Franchisees’ Success

Empower your franchisees with on-brand, on-demand social ads that direct to their unique location.

Your franchisees want to do social. In fact, they do it today without you. They’re hiring agencies or relatives, and some even try to do it themselves. While their intentions are admirable, the reality is that their efforts cause brand control headaches for franchise marketers like you. 

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Tiger Pistol’s Approach Accelerates Franchise Business Growth


Better at driving conversions


Lower cost of advertising


Increase in sales

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Solve Franchise Marketing Challenges

Take Back Control

Proactively manage your brand, collaborate with your franchisees, and consolidate campaign data across all locations. 

Eliminate Competency Gaps

Workflows built for non-marketers enable your franchisees to publish and pay for high-quality, on-brand ads in less than 5 minutes. 

Satisfy Franchisee Needs

Satisfy Franchisee Needs

Establish brand-approved campaign libraries that franchisees can publish on-demand to meet their business needs. Ads launch from individual franchisee Facebook Business Pages to ensure direct benefit to their unique location.

How it Works


Tiger Pistol provides a variety of simple tools to connect franchisee Facebook Business Pages to the platform.


Brand marketing team creates campaigns using pre-made templates, sets usage permissions, and publishes to a campaign library.


Franchisees select, pay for, and publish the ad that fits their needs. Ads automatically localize and launch from the franchisees’ Facebook Business page. 


The platform centralizes campaign data into one interactive dashboard that can be filtered across time, campaign, attributes, or location, gleaning the layered insights needed to optimize future campaigns.

After an extensive review of the social AdTech landscape, we are incredibly excited to have selected Tiger Pistol as our partner. Their focus on simplifying and automating the advertising collaboration between our company, agencies, and restaurants is incredibly important to the success of our program, and their innovations, thought leadership, and deep relationship with Meta are simply unmatched.”

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Trusted by the World’s Strongest Brands

Recognized Innovator by Industry Experts

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Trusted by the World’s Strongest Brands

Brands Franchise

Recognized Innovator by Industry Experts

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Tiger Pistol is a collaborative advertising platform that enables our clients to deploy optimized and scalable campaigns within minutes. By simplifying high-performance collaborative advertising for our clients and their partners, we help you achieve your most ambitious goals in customer acquisition and sales growth.