Local Social Advertising as Distributor Offering to Dominate Highly-Competitive Markets

A leading manufacturer of automotive oil, additives, and lubricants needed an advertising vehicle to increase sales and drive footfall to their retail locations in highly-competitive markets. Tiger Pistol provides the brand the flexibility necessary to work across the brand’s complex partner network with intuitive publishing tools built for non-marketers. The manufacturer works with two types of distributors, the first owns and operates automotive garages, and the second sells its brand’s products to independent garages and retail stores. Tiger Pistol’s platform enables the brand to create and deploy brand-created campaign templates to its distributors. Distributors then select, pay for, and publish campaigns across the Meta family of apps on behalf of their garage/retail locations. The local campaign editor for distributors presents edit options relevant to the campaign type as well as assets that are already approved by the brand. Distributors are able to simply and quickly customize campaigns and choose which retail locations they want to promote. The brand recognized a 60 percent lower cost of advertising than industry benchmark.  


Automotive Oil, Additives, and Lubricant Brand + Distributor Partners and Garages
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Tiger Pistol is a collaborative advertising platform that enables our clients to deploy optimized and scalable campaigns within minutes. By simplifying high-performance collaborative advertising for our clients and their partners, we help you achieve your most ambitious goals in customer acquisition and sales growth.