Insight-Fueled Pharmaceutical Sales

In order to continue to grow share of the market for key health and beauty products, Sanofi saw an opportunity to leverage local social campaigns placed through the local pharmacies where their products are sold. The brand wanted to get more rooftop-level analytics and a deeper understanding of how its customers interact with its independent pharmacy network.

Through the Tiger Pistol Collaborative Advertising Platform™, Sanofi invited its local pharmacies to participate in a collaborative advertising program by simply connecting their local Facebook Page. The Sanofi marketing team then deployed localized campaigns featuring the pharmacy and the Sanofi product offer. Ads pointed consumers directly to their nearest pharmacy and shared more information about the Sanofi product. Sanofi was able to see the performance of each pharmacy and understand where demand was highest vs. areas where they needed to gain more ground. Additionally, they saw massive advertising savings, realizing a 70% lower CPM than national campaigns.

Sanofi + Local Pharmacies
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