Local Activation at Scale

Successful local social advertising requires specialized tools that can scale efficiently, perform consistently, and most importantly, demonstrate value in the eyes of your partners. 

Unlock the Power of Your Partners

Connecting local campaigns to brand-level initiatives unlocks significant value for brands who are focused on delivering performance to their partner locations and sales channels. The Tiger Pistol Collaborative Advertising Platform™ is designed to work within this framework and deliver best-in-class social advertising campaigns optimized for expansive local presence. Tiger Pistol enables your brand to launch ads from both your brand’s Facebook Business Page(s) and your local partners’ Facebook Business Pages.

unlock power of partners

Why it Matters

For many platforms, scale is accomplished by uploading a location list and launching across DMAs. This approach forces marketers to use subpar, generalized messaging or targeting that is so broad, local partners question if there is any benefit to their specific locations at all. In short, the difference between DMA level ads and customized local ads is akin to the difference between a mallet and a scalpel. 

Gain Performance Through Local Social Advertising

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Tiger Pistol gives companies the power to launch thousands of single location campaigns without spending the hours typically required to manage them individually.

The Power of Scale + the Power of Meta


Some Meta Business Partners take 4 weeks or more to onboard. Tiger Pistol can do it in half the time! If you’re running an existing program, we can easily transfer existing campaigns and assets into our platform.

World-Class Support

Build a profitable program and set up your partners for success

  • Dedicated client success manager
  • Complete training and onboarding 
  • Guidance on local business packaging and pricing, service models, and go-to-market strategies
  • Multi-language and local currency support
  • 24/7 help desk
Multilingual & Currency Support - KC
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Fully integrate your standing systems

  • SSO access support
  • Securely share first-party data with your partners
  • API enabled for coupon integration
  • Sync your YEXT or Uberall account for listings-powered social advertising

Strategic Advising

Expert-recommended campaign strategy

  • Define campaign set up
  • Communications planning
  • KPI tracking and reporting, including API integration to CRM or external data
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Multi Location Campaign Editor - Featured Image

Campaign Library

So much more than digital asset management

  • Easy access to pre-approved, ready-to-publish campaigns
  • Enables brands to protect and share assets
  • Enables partners to publish faster and more effectively
  • Partners can choose the campaign that best fits their local business needs
  • Multiple variations of assets allow for effective A/B testing

Engagement Models to Work Within Your Strategy

Scaled collaborative social typically takes the form of one or more of three models, but in each, you see the benefit to both parties: your brand and your local partners.

Do It For Them

Brand marketers create & publish high-quality, locally-relevant, brand-level campaigns on behalf of their channel partners.

Do It Themselves

Empower your partners with social advertising tools to publish brand quality campaigns for their own locations.

See all of Tiger Pistol’s Brand Controls.


Tiger Pistol is a collaborative advertising platform that enables our clients to deploy optimized and scalable campaigns within minutes. By simplifying high-performance collaborative advertising for our clients and their partners, we help you achieve your most ambitious goals in customer acquisition and sales growth.