Social Advertising Best Practices

Best Practices for TikTok Special Ad Categories

TikTok advertisers promoting housing, jobs, or credit offers in the United States or Canada must mark their social media advertising campaign with the Special Ad Category. This policy exists to safeguard users and prevent discriminatory use of TikTok’s platform.

TikTok Advertising Special Ad Categories


Any ad that promotes a housing product, service, or opportunity, including but not limited to rental or sale listings, realtor services, homeowners insurance, mortgage insurance, mortgage loans, or property appraisal services. This excludes ads aimed at educating the public about their legal rights under fair housing laws in their region.


Any ad that promotes an employment opportunity, including but not limited to part or full-time jobs, freelance or “gig job” listings, recruiting opportunities, internships, accredited certification programs, job fairs, or employment-seeking services.


Any ad that promotes a credit opportunity, including but not limited to credit card offers, personal loans, educational loans, business loans, mortgage loans, auto loans, and any other loans.

TikTok Advertising Targeting for Special Ad Categories

Any advertiser based in the United States or Canada OR any advertiser targeting the United States or Canada for housing, employment, and/or credit ads, may not use discriminatory targeting.

In the United States and Canada, housing, employment, and credit ads cannot target audiences using the following categories:

      • Age
      • Gender
      • Zip code
      • Marital or parental status
      • Any options describing or appearing to relate to protected characteristics 
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