How Important is Workplace Culture? A Blog by Julia Greenhalf, Social Specialist at Tiger Pistol.

When I tell people about the company I work for, they always ask if we’re hiring.

It all started with some Australians who were eager to make a splash into the world of social and reshape the way we think about ad solutions. Today, it’s a company continuing to challenge that digital landscape, with a product  and engineering team in the U.S. working alongside the top dogs at Facebook, the hubbub of Cremorne cool in Melbourne and a reputable presence across the globe.

Working for Tiger Pistol is an experience neither someone fresh out of their studies nor emerging from a corporate office could ever imagine. Sure, you might see us on bean bags glistening in the sunshine, spread out across a revamped garage as carefree. But is the emphasis on the fun, the frivolity and the unconventional the secret to our success?

Stimulating Surroundings

I’d bet money that you go home each night to a place that feels homely – whether that’s photos of loved ones or artwork on the walls, or how you arrange your furniture or décor you’ve picked that reflects your tastes, style and personality. So why would you settle for spending the bulk of your week at a place that doesn’t get the same treatment as your home?

At TP, the days of bland white walls and desk cubicles were never there to begin with. In our Melbourne office, we’re delighted to be surrounded by natural light and greenery. We rotate seats frequently. We showcase our clients’ products on our shelves. And we’re fortunate to have our furry neighbor, Taco, pop in (pictured) for that essential serotonin boost!

We follow suit in our Austin HQ, with an industrial-inspired space in the heart of Downtown. We have open working spaces, couches for meetings and/or hanging out and a fantastic patio to take in the sunshine. From time to time we also enjoy a visit from our some of the dogs of Tiger Pistol!

                                               Taco, our Melbourne Neighbor. 

                                                 Louie hanging out in Austin.       

                                          Finley, the Australian Shepard in the U.S.

Vibe Tribe

In our Melbourne office, each week, a different table is responsible for the Vibe of the Tribe – whether through delicious treats, to full blown costume themed bonanzas. While Melbourne’s Christmas party was a condensed version of The Amazing Race, Harry Potter Week was arguably a favorite of the Tribe.

Harry Potter Week saw each employee sorted into houses and awarded points for exhibiting the Tiger Pistol values. If an employee was recognized for smashing a client meeting out of the park, points to Gryffindor for being Smart! If somebody baked the team cookies just because, points to Ravenclaw for being Caring! And what better way to bring people together and lift their spirits than over polyjuice potion?

People Power

When I first started at Tiger Pistol, I thought I was pretty social savvy. How wrong I felt! It is a privilege to work alongside and learn from some of the smartest minds in the social space everyday. It’s pretty unique to find people who come to work with as much care for what they do and why they do it each day. And when leaving a client feels more like a breakup than business, you know their heart’s in the right place.

So, is workplace culture really that important?

Stats suggest the average Millennial might hold up to 15 jobs throughout the course of their working life. So for business leaders, it makes sense to invest in not only the people but the culture of their business and what their company stands for.

Sure, you might assume that with all this fun and frivolity, we never get any work done, right?! Well, it’s quite the opposite. Studies far and wide have examined the factors that sway key talent to stay, jump aboard or jump ship, and Great Place to Work identified that, “being a great workplace and having great employees leads to increased client retention, customer satisfaction, and in turn a healthier bottom line.”

A thriving workplace culture retains employees by prioritizing their health and wellbeing, highlighting achievements and contributions, investing in professional growth and satisfaction and invigorating teams to achieve their goals – especially when the celebrations are so sweet.

If you’re looking to be part of a winning team, check out our job openings and apply to work with us today! Follow our Instagram to get a behind the scenes look at what’s happening in our offices around the globe.

Not Clickbait: How to Write Great Ad Copy

Here at Tiger Pistol, we live and breathe Facebook & Instagram advertising, and have almost a decade of experience writing ad copy to drive success for our clients.

We’ve cast our net far and wide, scanning the vast ocean of ad copy published via our platform, and have come up with some actionable tips on what tasty ad copy will best reel in the hungriest of snappers. Okay, enough analogies. Let’s get to the hot tips of how to tackle (okay, just one more the social feeding frenzy):

1. Know your voice.

Do you want to come across as warm but professional, or you do you want to connect with your audience like you’re best mates?

Whether you’re using certain words, slang or boat emojis you’d easily throw around the group chat, or whether you’ve got a tighter tone, don’t flounder around (sorry); write organically. Define, refine and flesh out (okay, not sorry) a consistent communication style that feels naturally aligned and have it ooze out of every crevice of your ad copy.

2. Know your audience.

Before you do anything, answer this question: Who is reading this?

Once you have a clear visual on them, ask yourself: What are they thinking? What are they doing? What do they want? What problem do they need solving? What are their pain points? And then write to that.

3. Stick to one message.

Most people reading your ads are scrolling their phones or tablets on-the-go. They, like you right now, might be listening to music, on a phone call, watching TV or talking to the person next to them, all at the same time. They’re clever multi-taskers, right? And they’ve got bigger fish to fry than to stop and focus solely on your ad. So catch their attention with one clear, simple message.

4. Make it match.

When it comes to hooking in your copy with your creative, don’t forget to do a sanity check. Ask yourself: Does my ad copy match my creative? The last thing people want to see is an image of a hamburger if your copy refers to a salad.

And finally…

5. Always be testing.

Even the best marketers can’t predict what copy will summon an impression, a click or a lead. This is why it is so important to constantly test your copy (among other aspects like image, audience and call-to-action) using A/B testing to see which variation will take the bait. Quick elevator pitch: Tiger Pistol automates A/B testing, ensuring your ad spend is spent to drive the best outcome.

These tips are a small drop in the ocean when it comes to writing ad copy. But before you know it, you’ll be making waves in the vast social advertising pool. So go forth, trial, test and test again – the world is literally your oyster.

Have we missed any tips you use when writing copy? Want to learn more about best copywriting practices for your industry? Contact Tiger Pistol today!

Julia Greenhalf is a Lead Social Specialist at Tiger Pistol, helping AU and NZ brands activate their local networks with strategic, geo-targeted ad campaigns.