10 Amazing Things About Working at Tiger Pistol

While the team at Tiger Pistol enjoys time off for Labor Day, today also gives us the opportunity to reflect on what makes Tiger Pistol such a great place to work. We posed the question this week to the team, and while there are oodles of things that make Tiger Pistol amazing, these were the top 10 most frequent replies. 

  1. Absolutely, positively the people!

2. Our team mentality of knowing that everyone’s success is your success. One new team member says, “Something that’s top of mind is how friendly and helpful everyone has been as a new Tiger Pistol team member. They’ve been available and accessible (across departments and teams) for me to ask questions and meet with to learn more.”

3. Having the opportunity to work with some of the biggest brands, SMB resellers, and agencies in the world.

4. Getting to really know each other as friends, through (now online) game nights, happy hours, volunteerism, company outings, and our weekly, turn-taking Ask Me Anything sessions.

5. The innovative mindset – Our team is always brainstorming product enhancements and the best ways to achieve client success. 

6. Our open-door policy, where everyone feels seen and heard. 

7. Having to explain to people what on earth a Tiger Pistol is. This is the first question we get asked when we tell people where we work. Explaining that our company is named after a shrimp, explaining why, and getting to watch the reaction on people’s faces truly never gets old. 

8. Coffee and Collaboration (We really miss our on-tap cold brew and office espresso machine!)

9. Always feeling connected to each other, even with offices in two different states and remote team members across the country.

10. Our fun slack channels that keep everyone connected and entertained during social distancing. We share pictures of our kids and pets, what we’re reading, what we’re cooking, what we’re watching, where we’re volunteering, and more!

A Sampling of Tiger Pistol Pets

Put simply, our team celebrates our clients, our wins, our families and pets, and each other. That’s an environment where employees can constantly strive to grow, learn, improve, and win, and never miss the opportunity to positively add to our company’s culture.

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10 Amazing Things About Working at Tiger Pistol

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